Meet Atul Patel, CEO of Orbee and Dealer Marketing Magazine Expert

The Foundations

"I actually went in with the neuroscience and genetic engineering curriculum at UCLA."

We met with Atul Patel, CEO of Orbee. A serial entrepreneur with a level of genuine excitement and energy which is unmatched.

Atul Patel:

Fast forward to two years later, I got a letter from the Department. I forgot to tell them that I had decided to go over to Economics.

Maybe it was natural gravitation; maybe it was the fact that I was partly lazy and felt that I was done with all this schooling and academics. Maybe I was already burnt out, and maybe part of me was never made for academics. Maybe I'm more of the street guy? And so, with all that said, I learned economics. I think anything you learn will apply to anything you do. You just have to apply it.

Read the full interview article here.

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