Digital Dealer 2021 – Tampa

What’s Your Customer’s Browsing Language? 

Win Over Customers By Understanding Their Online Browsing Language

For years, automotive dealerships have taught their employees how to read the body language of shoppers that walks into the showroom. But what happens when shoppers are online and there are no physical cues to rely on? Shoppers spend roughly eight hours on the car-buying journey, so dealership employees must learn how to tap into these online cues and read the consumer’s browsing language.

Attend this session to explore not just what browsing language is but how to decipher each customer's browsing language and how to apply this knowledge to provide a more engaging online experience through the usage of personalization tools. Join Atul Patel, Orbee's CEO, and Sonny Holcomb, Marketing Director at Barnes Crossing Auto Group as they dive into browsing language.

About Atul Patel
Atul Patel, Orbee’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, brings over twenty years of martech and adtech experience to the industry. He has built businesses in lead management and automation, customer journey mapping, and display, video, and social advertising, all of which have had successful exits. Recently, Jornaya, a company that Patel co-founded which provided a blockchain-like ledger service for leads, was acquired by Verisk. Patel is passionate about digital transformation in the auto industry and over the last five years has built Orbee into a leading analytics and marketing services company to dealerships, large groups, and a growing network of partners.

About Sonny Holcomb
Sonny Holcomb is the Marketing Director for the Barnes Crossing Auto Group. With over 15 years of marketing experience, Sonny supports the marketing initiatives of Barnes Crossing's twelve dealerships. His primary goal over the past year has been the creation of an in-house advertising agency. This development has provided Barnes Crossing Auto Group with direct control over their digital and traditional ad spends. Sonny is passionate about showing his automotive colleagues how leveraging first-party data creates efficient and effective marketing campaigns. He looks forward to the continued innovation in Automotive.

About Orbee, Inc.
Orbee provides digital marketing analytics, data, and automation solutions to the automotive industry. Franchise and independent dealers and large dealership groups utilize the company’s platform to make actionable decisions based on analytics of their campaigns, inventory, and consumer experiences, build comprehensive buyer profiles by connecting first-party data signals from their websites and integrated partners and automate messaging across all paid and earned channels with personalization and segmentation. The company partners with dealer-centric media agencies, service providers, and OEM programs to expand the reach of its powerful technologies. Orbee’s core technology products include its proprietary data collection, processing, and reporting pipeline, its robust set of dashboards and APIs, and campaign and creative tools for email, search, social, on and off-site display, and video. Orbee was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Irvine, California.


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