referral program

Earn $500 when you refer Orbee

Orbee believes other dealerships should enjoy automated advertising without expensive agency fees. We appreciate that you might not want to share this with your competitor down the street, but if you are a part of a 20-group or know a dealer across the country please refer them!

How it works

  • Send the referral link to a colleague at another dealership
  • Your referral will sign up for Orbee's Advertising Automation Platform
  • You receive a $500 Amazon gift card for every referral that signs up

Referral Program Details

To be eligible for the reward, your referral must sign up and pay for at least 1 month of Orbee's Automated Advertising Platform.

You can receive up to 3 $500 gift cards if you refer multiple dealers that successfully sign up.

You will be notified when your referral signs up for a demo and converts to a customer.