How AT&T's Acquisition of AppNexus Affects Auto Dealers

Atul Patel, COO & Co-Founder

July 13, 2018

Auto dealerships have been known to buy most of their media from the large platforms, namely Google and Facebook. According to the aggregate data of all our current active clients under our analytics program in May 2018, Google paid traffic accounted for 52.56% and Facebook paid traffic for 18.16%. At Orbee, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with our customers educating them on the importance of broadening their reach – especially for retargeting their shoppers – to all available inventory on the web. If you have marked someone as interested with a cookie, why does it matter where they are when you want to show them an advertisement to come back to your website?

AT&T’s confirmed acquisition and planned integration of AppNexus into their advertising and analytics division signifies the telecommunication company’s plan to challenge Google and Facebook for digital ad dominance. The automotive industry is leading the way with digital and TV advertising, and with AT&T acquiring AppNexus, who was under fire for ad fraud last year, what will be the automotive industry’s implications in the digital advertising market?

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