How Effective Are Your Automotive Dealership's Call Operations?

Atul Patel, COO & Co-Founder

January 16, 2019

In reviewing phone call operations at automotive dealerships through call tracking platforms and through personal experiences, I see that it takes far too long to finally reach and engage with the right person or department. In today’s online car research experience, quick response times are imperative in retaining interested prospects. Consumers are still slow to pick up digital retailing where they perform the entire car buying process online, and if you don’t get your call processes in order, you’re dropping the ball.

The problem most automotive dealerships have when it comes to their call operations isn’t only how long it takes for them to engage a shopper on the phone, but it is also the difficulty in reducing the amount of time it takes for them to follow-up on prospective leads.

It doesn’t matter if your display, video, search, social, or email campaigns are bringing in an abundant amount of leads into your system. What matters is that your dealership follows through right away. The key point that most auto dealerships are missing here is the fact that responding to leads as soon as possible and supplying them with the information they are looking for within an appropriate time frame of when they send in a lead form submission, make an inbound phone call, or respond to another call to action is crucial in moving them down the sales funnel.

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