Personalize Your Digital Marketing Using Behavior-based Segments

Daniel Kim, CEO and Kimberly Vo, Customer Training Manager

May 27, 2020

What is behavior-based targeting?

Behavior-based targeting uses data from shoppers that visit your website to strengthen personalized advertisements. When a shopper visits your website, a unique identifier is created for that shopper in the form of a cookie or other identifying measures. Any activity performed by the shopper is tied to the unique identifier. Segments can be created based on shopper behaviors, some of which include clicks, page views, and conversions. 

If a website visitor completes an action on your website that meets a segment’s requirements, they will be placed into that segment. Some examples would be viewing the finance page or viewing a used vehicle page. If a visitor views both of these pages, they will be placed into two different segments. Segments can also include form fills, click to calls, viewing a specific make or model of a vehicle. Using segments enables behavior-based targeting for digital marketing and is fundamental to creating personalized advertisements.

The importance of behavior-based targeting

Behavior-based targeting is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Using behavior-based targeting can increase digital marketing spend efficiency and increase the number of conversions while spending less on advertising. Creating personalized advertisements with audience segmentation can significantly increase your click-through rate.

People relate to ads that are personalized or based on the vehicle that they viewed, which leads to 78% of consumers saying that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent (Marketing Insider Group). Using behavior-based targeting increases the engagement on the website because personalized ads will direct shoppers to a relevant landing page on the website. If your dealership is providing ads and recommendations in accordance with what they’re interested in, they will find what they’re looking for and can even increase conversion rate.

How to do behavior-based targeting

Behavior-based targeting requires the creation of segments using the appropriate advertising platform. To begin behavior-based targeting, follow these steps:

Step 1: Decide on a business goal: What is your business objective?  Do you want to sell more used cars? Do you want more trade-in vehicles? 

Step 2: Define shopper behavior on the website that matches business objective: Shoppers who viewed used VDPs and SRPs, contact us page, finance page, etc. 

Step 3: Create segments based on those definitions. You can create these segments with your ad vendor or through the ad platform of your choice.

Step 4: Set up segments for each of your advertising channels (i.e. Facebook and Google). Orbee allows for coordination of segments across multiple platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) and creates over 100 segments automatically.

Step 5: When a website visitor meets the requirement for the goal, we synchronized this data to your dealership’s Facebook and Google Ads site trackers to segment your shoppers into specific buckets. This allows for a coordinated advertising campaign across multiple advertising platforms.

PRO TIP: Make sure you select the landing page that is relevant to the ads you are showing to a seamless personalized experience.

Personalized messages have proven results

Orbee has found that using behavior-based targeting increased the conversion rate, intent rate, and click-through rate. Personalized messages on display advertisements and email campaigns from Orbee show increased engagement from shoppers. By serving personalized messages on your display advertisements, we’ve seen a significant increase from 4.3% to 10.1% for intent rate and the conversion rate from 0% to 0.5%.

With personalized emails sent to your customers, Orbee has also seen a substantial increase when using personalized retargeting emails versus regular email blasts that are sent to all customers. The open rate is 17.35% for regular emails whereas personalized emails received an open rate of 66%. The click-through rate of regular email blasts was at 2.17% and the personalized retargeting emails were at 17%.

Orbee offers automated website retargeting emails that track the vehicles shoppers have viewed on your website and emails them a list of vehicles. Once a shopper submits their email on your site, we send them emails once a week with vehicles they’ve viewed to remind them of their interest in these vehicles.