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First-party Data Integrated Email Marketing is Here

Orbee announces an industry first email builder that leverages first-party data to personalize email marketing.

IRVINE, CA. – December 1, 2021

In case you missed it, Orbee changed the way car dealers market. And we’re about to do it again.

Since 2015, Orbee has been revolutionizing automotive marketing and helping dealerships control their first-party data to improve their digital marketing efforts. Orbee’s commitment to solving automotive marketing issues has led to an exciting new feature launching on the Orbee platform – email creation with analytical integration. Integrating first-party data from a dealership’s website into an email engine that enables both automated email sends and custom designed campaign emails gives better marketing control to dealers.  

Email is your marketing team’s best tool. In fact, “Email marketing produces 174% more conversions than social media,” according to Campaign Monitor. It’s a way for dealers to keep in touch with customers, remind them of online services and recently visited VDPs, and convert intrigue into sales. On top of that, emails are free, and recipients have opted in to receive information. So, how do we take an already profitable marketing resource and make it even better?


Orbee’s new feature allows dealers to customize emails directly inside the platform. According to Statista, “Open rates for personalized emails average 18.8% compared to 13.1% without personalization.” Personalization in marketing is imperative, especially considering all the distractions we face every day. Orbee blends the shopper profile and email marketing into one seamless experience so customers will actually want to open the emails.

Because Orbee stores customer data, dealers can customize emails to show “Most Popular Vehicles”. Each customer is sent a unique link so that when they click on the email our analytics registers this new VDP view as a result. Unlike other email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Orbee users can use their own website data to dynamically insert content that is personalized to their customers.

Dealers are also given templates to enhance the visual appeal of their email campaigns. Orbee makes designing layouts, integrating data, and automating sends more effective than ever before. The new email integration feature is shown to increase a dealer’s website traffic, and we aren’t just saying that. 

In one case study, a dealer built a custom email campaign to send to their CRM list with 23,000 customers. The results were astounding. The dealership recorded a click-through rate of 22%, almost 10 times the national average of 2.6%.


A Pivotal Difference

Hubspot, Salesforce, and other email engines are great at what they do – send mass emails to advertise a general message or product. For these emails to become personal for consumers, marketing teams would need to go into a separate data collecting software tool, retrieve the unique customer data, and then return to the email engine to insert this data. Imagine doing that for 1,000 customers.

Because Orbee’s new email engine coexists with our Customer Data Platform, dealers can use first-party data collected from their website to create individualized emails. This is because the same platform dealers build their emails with is also integrated with their website. Mailchimp isn’t going to know what a dealer’s most viewed vehicle is, and, most importantly, it isn’t going to tell which vehicles each specific shopper has visited. 

We aren’t the only ones who have noticed a need for better integration in this space. A recent Simon Data survey reported, “A majority (58%) of email marketers say better access to data would ‘greatly’ improve their ability to run personalized campaigns.” Instead of floating parts which need to be manually pieced together, Orbee’s email marketing process is one smooth flow from start to finish.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our own clients are saying about Orbee.

“Vehicle-specific marketing across search, social, and email has been an important part of our marketing mix and using Orbee’s vehicle sets feature has made it dead simple to A/B test different campaigns” – Jamie Suid, Marketing Director of Florida Fine Cars

With 94% of marketing professionals saying, “personalization is ‘extremely important’ for meeting their email marketing objectives,”  analytically driven and personalizable emails are a tool needed in your marketing toolbox. Orbee’s new email feature is going to make a big impact in the industry and in the way top-tier dealers perform email ad campaigns. So next time you send an email, make it personal.  

About Orbee

Orbee is redefining the way auto dealers use digital marketing to sell more cars with its marketing cloud designed exclusively for them. By unifying the critical aspects of today’s digital marketing into a single platform, Orbee Auto makes it easy for auto dealers to launch, analyze, and optimize their campaigns harnessing their own first-party data to get powerful results across a list of growing channels and platforms including search, display, social, email, and video.  Orbee Auto works with hundreds of individual franchise and independent dealers, partners with dealer groups, and collaborates with industry trade organizations to bring greater transparency and awareness to the industry. As a certified Google Partner and with proven results in Facebook advertising, Orbee Auto is an auto dealer’s trusted platform in modernizing their digital marketing strategies. The company was founded in 2015 in Irvine, California by a team with over 25 years of combined experience in the automotive and advertising industry. Learn more at