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Orbee Launches Online Digital Marketing Training for Minority Dealerships in Partnership with National Association of Minority Auto Dealers

In celebration of NAMAD’s 40th Year Anniversary, Orbee is providing digital marketing courses at no cost to current NAMAD members.

IRVINE, CA. – October 23, 2020 – Orbee (, a leading marketing cloud company designed exclusively for automotive dealerships, announced a partnership with the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers (NAMAD) to provide digital marketing courses virtually and free of charge to its members. Leading these courses will be Daniel Kim, CEO, and Co-Founder of Orbee. The 10-week educational series began this month and is aimed at advancing digital marketing capabilities for employees of minority-owned dealerships.

The focus of this training program is based on understanding the shoppers that land on a dealership’s website. This idea of knowing your shoppers is typically either overlooked or seen as a difficult concept to grasp. Orbee started the initiative to help automotive dealers obtain the knowledge needed to truly understand their online shoppers. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to source traffic through SEO, Facebook, and other crucial online channels. Additionally, dealers will learn how to properly interpret digital marketing analytics. Finally, through a segment on marketing automation, the course reinforces understanding and knowing how to best target your shoppers. 

“I am so excited to have the opportunity to team up with NAMAD and lead this digital marketing course for minority dealerships,” stated Daniel Kim. “As co-founder of a minority-owned company myself, I wanted to be able to help these dealerships find new ways to succeed. With digital marketing being such a prominent aspect in running a successful business today, it was a no brainer for me to partake in this training course.”

The purpose of this program is to create the next generation of digital marketing savvy dealership employees and operators. Upon completion of the program, the participants will become knowledgeable in improving the ROI of their digital marketing spend. They’ll also know how to make advertising budget decisions based on data, and properly manage existing digital marketing vendors to correlate with the dealership's business objectives. They will learn how to create personalized experiences for online shoppers that drive vehicle sales and identify high-intent online shoppers. 

“With how fast digital transformation is always evolving, it’s challenging for many dealerships to implement new technologies and services that effectively adapt to the ever-changing needs and demands of their customers. This is particularly the case with online digital retailing, which became almost mandatory for all dealerships large and small during the height of the COVID pandemic,” stated Damon Lester, president of NAMAD. “I believe that our collaboration with Orbee as a leading Martech company, in hosting this training, benefits our NAMAD members greatly by allowing them to dive deeper into digital marketing and challenges them to apply these learnings to their own dealerships.”

NAMAD and Orbee’s CRO Peter Fong have a long-standing relationship that began when Fong was the Dealer Franchising Manager for Ford Motor Company. At the time, Fong was the liaison between the Ford Motor Minority Dealer Association (FMMDA) and NAMAD. Orbee is a predominately minority company, with over 60% of its employees represented by people of color and over 30% women, which facilitates the understanding of being minorities within the automotive industry. 

Throughout the course, feedback is requested to alter the lessons for students to receive the best possible educational experience. Participants should be able to take this knowledge and put it into practice as they learn. Approaching the  fourth week of the training courses, students have provided Orbee with thoughts on the course so far:

“So far [this course] has enlightened me on pertinent digital terminology and has given me insight on what is important to focus on for digital ROI,” stated Daylyn Turner, General Manager of JK Subaru. 

Andrea Zadd, Vice President of Crestmont Auto Group stated, “This is a phenomenal partnership between Orbee and NAMAD. One of the wonderful benefits of being part of such a strong association like NAMAD!” 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience thus far and I'm looking forward to learning more,” stated Martin Staten, Director of Digital Marketing at Genesis Automotive Group.

Though the industry is extensive, according to NAMAD’s website, only 6% of American auto dealerships are minority-owned. This opportunity provided by Orbee and NAMAD presents participants with the ability to propel and advance in the digital marketing landscape. Orbee and NAMAD will both work with minorities to defeat this curve and bring together minorities to become savvy in the modern world of automotive digital marketing. 

To qualify for this training, participants must be a current member of NAMAD. To learn more, contact


The National Association of Minority Auto Dealers (NAMAD) founded in 1980 and led by African American, Latinos, and Asian/Pacific Islanders is based in Lanham, Maryland and represents ethnic minority automobile dealers in the United States. Currently, there are a total of 19,000 new automobile dealerships of which less than 1,200 or 5% are owned by ethnic minorities. 

NAMAD is committed to working closely with domestic and international nameplate manufacturers to achieve win/win, sound business arrangements designed to create reciprocal trading partnerships. Over the past year, astute automobile manufacturers have joined forces with NAMAD to work together to advance the nation's efforts to promote equal opportunity and access for all Americans. These partnerships have uncovered new markets, new ideas, new talent and new capital - all to the benefit of automobile manufacturers, entrepreneurs and consumers.

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