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Orbee Announces Rich Media Creatives to Help Automotive Dealerships Increase Engagement and Response

Orbee Rich Media Creatives offers automotive dealerships a simple way to customize and widen their display advertising with HTML5 ad technology

IRVINE, CA – December 10, 2018 – Orbee today announced Rich Media Creatives, a new product offering that allows automotive dealerships to serve interactive and engaging advertising messaging for car buyers through advanced and dynamic ad experiences. Orbee’s partnership with Airtory, an interactive rich media ad platform, enhances this solution for auto dealerships to help strengthen their display advertising across platforms such as Google, Verizon and AT&T.

Today, consumers are beginning most of their car buying journey online, with car buyers spending 60% of their time researching online according to a 2018 study by Cox Automotive. L2 Gartner, in a report published in 2018, shows an even greater share of traffic coming from mobile sites. With car buyers spending more time online and served constant rich messages from brands in other categories and industries, auto dealers must harness richer creatives combined with proprietary shopper data and optimized remarketing capabilities.

Since lead aggregators and directories are using the same forms of rich media in their own advertising efforts to generate leads for automotive dealerships, it is time for dealerships themselves to utilize the same capabilities, so they don’t only rely on third-party leads. Auto dealerships have relied on static and traditional text advertising with their direct advertising and are not able to stand out from the crowd by using automated creatives from Google and Facebook.

Orbee Rich Media Creatives can be used to produce a variety of rich media formats such as dynamic carousel ads, in-banner video ads and specials rotators that are served across all devices and channels that range from apps to desktop and mobile-friendly web browsers. These units include a robust and growing library of mobile-friendly experiences through the Airtory Ad Toolkit. The benefit of utilizing rich media advertising in the automotive industry brings automotive dealerships the opportunity to create engaging experiences for car buyers and interactivity allows consumers to view color options while videos can showcase the features or performance of a vehicle.

“Remarketing is far more powerful when coupled with richer creatives that utilize the models, features, specials and even stock numbers that a car shopper is interested in,” stated Atul Patel, Co-Founder and COO of Orbee. “We have seen amazing performance for our dealerships and agency partners because the message to the user is extremely precise and transforms display advertising to a direct response call-to-action following patterns in retail and travel.”

Automotive dealerships that already utilize the Orbee Marketing Cloud can activate the Rich Media Creatives as plug-and-play. Every visitor’s preferences, interests and intents are created into a profile and matched to a remarketing segment. These elements are then coupled with the right format of creatives utilizing Orbee’s partnership with Airtory. Creatives can include rotating VDPs with car pictures, pricing and features; OEM specials and seasonal offers; or branded content about the dealership. The creatives feature mobile interactive experiences, such as scratch-to-win and video that is compatible on all devices. Orbee’s Rich Media Creatives are approved to run and will allow dealerships to reach their customers with more affordable and scalable high-engaging rich media ads.

Starting today, Rich Media Creatives is available to all auto dealers. To learn more, visit or email

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