Dealership Groups

Dealership groups must embrace the totality of their assets

Dealership groups that have 5 or more stores have the opportunity to support each store's unique requirements while integrating the digital marketing for more seamless, consistent, data-driven strategies that build long-lasting relationships with the customer.

Email Campaign Takeover 

Turn on automated email blasts for fast, reliable, and efficient ad campaigns. With emails being one of the most effective and low-cost methods of advertising, utilizing them to their full potential is a no-brainer. Integrate email campaigns with CDP data so customers receive personalized messages based on their individualistic buying behavior. 

Pinpoint Accurate Shopper Profiles

Segment your customer data for better marketing practices. Once a shopper visits your website, their information is siloed into several distinct categories such as make viewed, model viewed, and number of times they visit your site. With this information, implement Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics to determine where you want your shoppers to see advertisements personally geared towards their interests. 

Project Inventory Demand

Track which VDPs shoppers are visiting most and correlate the data with inventory supply. Find out if demand meets supply and where advertising spending needs to increase. Receive vehicle summary statistics which shows the aggregated number of vehicles for each color, model, trim, condition, and year your dealership has in stock.