Independent Dealers

Shift Your Online Presence Into Fifth Gear

Maximize ad placement, build shopper profiles, and manage inventory within one analytics platform

Grow a Better Customer Base

With shopper segmentation, knowing how to market to customers has never been easier. Find out which makes and models shoppers are viewing and strategically place ads through Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. Shopper profiles are an all-in-one look into buying behaviors for your target audience and each customer individually. 

Optimize Ad Campaigns

Track which campaign methods bring in the best returns so your budget is used effectively. Use website data to improve CTR, CPC, and impressions. Stay one step ahead with automated email marketing campaigns that leave your shoppers engaged. Compare click to text counts, click to call counts, and for submissions count. Control ad campaigns the simpler way. 

Inventory Solutions for Marketing Ease

Breakdown inventory by make, model, and trim and analyze each vehicle by total online shoppers and total VDP views. Decrease mismatch proportions by tracking inventory scale and shopper interest. Contextualize granular data to make sense of shopper behavior to increase website engagement and sales. 

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