How CDPs Can Impact the Sales Process

Hosted By:
Atul Patel
Chris Vazquez

A customer data platform can have a significant impact on a dealership's sales department by providing insights and tools to help them better understand and engage with their shoppers. 

One example of this would be Orbee’s Lead Reactivation reports, this is a feature that alerts a sales or BDC representative when a previous lead that went dormant, has started showing buying signals again. This report also includes contextual information like what pages the lead has visited on the website, so the representative can reach out with a better understanding of what the lead is shopping for.

Overall, a dealership's customer data platform can help their sales department make more informed decisions, improve customer engagement and retention, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.

Learn more about Orbee’s Customer Journey Platform to see how a CDP can help every department of a dealership:

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