How Orbee Will Optimize for Realtime segmentation

Hosted By:
Atul Patel
Chris Vazquez

There is back-end segmentation and front-end segmentation, but the issue with segmentation is that if the data is recorded but not applied to the communication with the customer then it is pointless. In the Automotive industry, client-side activity is not being used for messaging and targeting segmentation quite often. If dealers are building an audience based on segmentation, there is still a delay resulting in the list used to send emails being inaccurate. Orbee is in the development stages of profiles. Before there were leads, call tracking, and CRM data, but it can get overwhelming, and some data can be missed. This resulted in the concept of profiles. In profiles, all activity and real-time will be within the CDP. Leads that are posted to the dealer through third-party ADF posts will also be sent through real-time segmentation.

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