What is a Tag Manager?

Hosted By:
Atul Patel
Chris Vazquez

Tag management serves two purposes: Content management and advertisements. Content management gives dealers an easy way to turn on and off things. Advertisement management allows putting third-party scripts and cookies dropping on sites.

DMP or a data management platform is a form of a tag manager. For example, popular companies like Adobe and salesforce bought DMP’s, their investments became profitable, and their DMP’s became effective audience managers. Orbee created a DMP/tag manager not just a content management engine. It is more than cut and paste. It is, in fact, the fundamental component of a marketing cloud. Dealers cannot market to customers if they do not know who their audience is and a DMP is able to target even the anonymous.  Google also does not have an easy tag manager plug-in like Orbee. 

Pixel helpers can show dealers how to debug what information is being sent to the media platforms, so marketers know how to design their campaigns and Orbee does this for the dealers. It does not need to be manually programmed, instead, Orbee knows what is happening in the chat box and knows what is clicked showing to the customers that Orbee TMS is listening and able to manage what data is coming in. It is not possible to use the pixel helper without the Orbee Java script but in December users will possibly be able to inject a temporary Orbee script that allows them to see what happens without having an Orbee account.

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