Introducing Integrated at NADA 2024

A podcast series featuring innovative companies and dealerships.

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Dealership Middleware That Connects
The Customer Experience

Orbee’s Middleware Technology seamlessly connects a dealership's data sources, streamlining activation across marketing channels, enhancing analytics and attribution reporting, and enriching data through our marketplace of leading data aggregators.

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Transform your Marketing Agency
with Orbee's Co-Pilot Solution

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Dealership Client's First Party Data with Orbee's Middleware Technology

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ASC Events Now Tracked Within The Orbee Platform Console

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Trusted by Groups, Single-points, and Independent Dealers


A Fully Integrated Platform for Automotive Dealerships

Orbee’s all-in-one platform maximizes the value of a dealership’s data, our commitment to integration ensures that all of your first-party data never goes to waste. Through our platform you can analyze, activate, enrich your data, and more!

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Measure marketing investments

Understand your traffic sources without tedious setup and find answers with our campaign analytics offerings.

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Understand Shopper Behaviors

Unify shopper profiles with a powerful CDP that gathers data from all activity across your web sites, third-party tools, and CRM data.

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Manage first-party and third-party data

Deploy our powerful tag manager to collect, segment, and target your shoppers while protecting your valuable first-party data.

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Reach buyers everywhere

Automate SEM, social advertising, email marketing, display, mobile, video, and direct mail advertising using your own accounts.

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Leverage 1:1 messaging

Personalize messaging on your websites, emails, and text to each individual shopper using insights from their unique journeys.

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Enrich Your CRM / DMS Records with Powerful Datasets

Dealerships can now enrich their first-party data with income data, vehicle ownership data and more for advanced segmentation and personalized marketing campaigns.

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Enable your tech team

Utilize a powerful API and SDK to extend around your specific use cases with your tech team or by partnering with ours.

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Transform regulation to competitive advantage by centrally controlling your customer's data

Give an entirely new meaning to first-party and the data stewardship required in today's regulated market. Minimize risk for your business stakeholders, prevent catastrophic penalties from state and federal regulators, and most importantly, give your customers the confidence that their data is secure.

Featured Webinar

From Data to Delight: Website Personalization with CDPs

Join us for an exciting webinar on how website personalization powered by a customer data platform (CDP) can enhance your customer experience.


A Consultative Approach for Any Use Case

Every dealership and their process is unique, this is why Orbee takes a consultative approach when we explore working with any new client. Our technology and platform is flexible enough to integrate with current systems and capable of completely replacing current technology providers.

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Service Departments

Orbee's service department solutions increase dealership profits by promoting service appointments with advanced analytics and automation.

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20-Group Organizations

Orbee leverages years of experience with top 20-group organizations, offering collaborative solutions for dealers seeking to boost digital marketing outcomes.

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Elevate your dealership clients' first-party data utilization with Orbee's Co-pilot solution, a revolutionary middleware technology for marketing agencies.

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Custom Solution

Orbee offers consultative services to dealerships, crafting tailored software solutions for enhanced data management and customer experience.

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Dealership Groups

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Single Point Dealerships

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Featured Blog Post

Introducing Integrated at NADA 2024 a Podcast Series Featuring Innovative Companies and Dealerships

The Integrated Podcast Series dives into our latest integration announcements through discussions with company leaders. These episodes cover topics like the use cases for each integration, how they will impact mutual users and improve the customer experience within automotive. This series showcases the power of middleware by connecting software and services from companies both inside and outside automotive.


Connecting Data Sources for Improved CX

Orbee integrates with a variety of vendors in the automotive industry to provide dealerships with a holistic view of their customer data.

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Gain access to customer behavior and transactional data, including purchases, interactions, and engagement history.

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Digital Retail

Understand a shoppers' behavior and preferences throughout the entire car buying journey, from initial research to post-sale interactions.

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Service Scheduler

Gain insights into a customers' service needs and preferences as they try to schedule a service appointment online.

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Leverage customer data to deliver personalized experiences, increase engagement, and drive conversions on a website.

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Provide more personalized and efficient customer support, by giving chat agents access to real-time customer data and behavior insights

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Trade-in Tools

Collect data from shoppers that interact with trade-in tools to gain an understanding of their behaviors and preferences throughout the process.

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Finance Tools

Gain a better understanding of the shoppers that try to calculate loan and lease payments to personalize marketing messages.

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View Orbee's Integration library to see all of the data sources that you could centralize within Orbee's Customer Data Platform.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Testimonial photo
florida fine cars logo
Love the guys at Orbee. They are really invested on helping their dealers grow. Feeling the care from good partners it's really important. Every dealer that works with them is very lucky to have them on their team.

Martha Alvarado

BDC Director

Wondries Toyota

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Byrider Logo
Orbee helps us collect and analyze our shoppers' online behavior, providing us with their purchase intent, and making it easy to personalize our communications with them.

Lewis Scott

Director of Marketing - Digital & Field Performance


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