CRM Integration

Leverage CRM Data to Personalize and Automate Your Marketing

Data-driven marketing strategies always perform best and with Orbee's integration with your CRM the possibilities are endless. Data Silos are a thing of the past, because Orbee pulls in data from your CRM and other data sources so you can build audiences that fit any campaign you want.

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Improve Customer Experience With Personalization

Deploy personalized messages and interactions throughout your website just like the big box retailers do!

Lists that update in real-time

Build lists based on Sales or Service Marketing Criteria that Orbee has set OR set your own filters to build out a list of customers in your CRM to fit any campaign strategy. These lists will stay updated as your dealership teams continues to add or edit customer records within your CRM.

Creating an email list from a CRM with custom filters
Create a list of customers from your CRM to utilize them in advertising platform

Omni-channel list targeting

Once you have created various lists you can market to them using Orbee's Omni-channel marketing solution. Target your lists with specific messaging through custom or automated emails, on-site banners or pop-ups, and push these segments into ad platform audiences.

Bi-directional data sync

As the Orbee platform pulls in data from your CRM it also pushes data out. Depending on the CRM, the activities or communications sent through the platform can be logged in your CRM, so you are aware of all the touch points made to a shopper.

Bi-directional data sync from a CRM to Orbee's Platform

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