Website Analytics

Free Analytics Built for Dealership Websites

Orbee's website analytics provides a new level of insights to help you answer the hard questions about your dealership marketing and retailing initiatives.

Installed on 1,200+ Dealer websites

Traffic Analysis

Which Traffic Sources, Mediums, and Ad Campaigns are Performing?

Orbee’s data pipeline automatically classifies your website traffic. This allows you to quickly analyze which sources / mediums and campaigns are generating the following results:

  • Vehicle Page Views
  • New & Returning Visit Rates
  • Conversion & Bounce Rates
traffic analysis dashboard
conversion analytics dashboard
Conversion Analysis

Where are Conversions Happening?

Orbee can help you compare the various forms of conversions on your dealership website; click-to-call, SMS form, email form submission, and so much more.

  • Identify Top Converting Pages
  • Compare Converting Actions (Forms vs click-to-call)
  • View a Timeline of a User's Conversion
Inventory Analysis

Which Vehicle Pages Drive Traffic and Engagement?

Having the right inventory on your dealership lot AND website is crucial in this current market. Now you can analyze each individual VDP to see how it performs compared to others.

  • New vs Used Analytics
  • VDP Views by Traffic Source, Medium or Campaign
vehicle views dashboard

Why Dealerships Love Us

Pivot Tables

Create pivot tables to compare different sources, mediums, campaigns, and more.

Drilldown Reports

Drilldown and set dimensions and metrics without the complex set up for automotive dealerships.

Conversion Tracking

Orbee's script automatically identifies where conversion actions take place throughout your website.

How to Install Orbee Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about our website analytics platform.

How does Orbee compare to Google Analytics?

Orbee analytics offers the same capabilities of tracking a website's traffic and conversions, but because Orbee is built for dealerships it doesn't require the extensive set-up and configuration that Google Analytics requires.

Can I install Orbee Analytics on multiple dealership websites?

Yes! When you create your Orbee account you will have the option to install our script on one website or multiple websites.

Is Orbee Analytics really free?

100% free. We believe every dealership should have an easy-to-use analytics tool as a foundation to their marketing efforts.