The Orbee Platform Helper: A Browser Extension for Data-Driven Marketers

Orbee proudly stands out among automotive software companies by offering a unique browser extension for data-driven marketers. This extension allows users to monitor real-time website activities, observe user behaviors, create segments, and much more!

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The Ultimate Browser Extension for Data-Driven Marketers: The Orbee Platform Console


A Must-Have for Data-Driven Marketers

Using Orbee’s Platform Helper allows marketers to simulate the user experience, ensuring that events on their websites are firing correctly and providing a firsthand perspective of the user journey. This proactive approach offers several benefits:

Accuracy in Data Collection

Optimized Retargeting

Efficient Audience Segmentation


This feature offers dealership marketers a real-time glimpse into the actions visitors take on their website. By monitoring events like clicks, form submissions, and active segments, marketers can ensure that every interaction is correctly tracked, leading to accurate data collection and analysis.

Viewed Vehicles

Navigate around your site to various VDPs and ensure that they are added correctly to your list of View Vehicles. Using this feature to test your website will ensure that shopper profiles and marketing segments are updated correctly.


Showcases user state and segment data linked to your user cookie, including visit count, timestamps, source/medium, and segment audiences, providing valuable metadata for core services and potential recycling in other services such as segment audience generation.


Manage your TMS environments seamlessly through this tab, enabling you to view, select, and update plugin configurations in-line, enhancing internal efficiency and testing capabilities.


Provides an overview of all segments and their integrations (First party, Google, Facebook, etc.) linked to your account, serving as a reference for enabled segments. For segment rule testing, utilize the “events” or “user” tabs.

Get Started With The Orbee Platform Helper

As the automotive landscape continues to shift, the Orbee Platform Helper emerges as a beacon of support for dealership marketers. By equipping them with real-time event insights, user data, segment details, plugin controls, and even a heatmap, it offers a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing customer experience. Whether you're deciphering user behavior, optimizing campaigns, or fine-tuning your website's performance, the Platform Helper stands ready to provide the clarity you need.

Install the Orbee Platform Helper and get started or visit The Orbee Community to ask questions about how other marketers are leveraging the Orbee Platform helper.