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Team Velocity Integration

Team Velocity is an automotive marketing company that delivers innovative digital solutions to dealerships, driving sales and success.

Key features of Orbee's Team Velocity integration

Enables seamless tracking and comprehensive analytics on Team Velocity websites

Accurately tags pages, tracks shopper journeys, and powers audience segmentation

Collaborates with Team Velocity to create custom specials pages and streamline content upload

Team Velocity Integration Overview

Team Velocity, a trusted website provider, partners with Orbee to install and maintain the powerful Orbee tracking script on dealer websites. This script forms the foundation of our robust website analytics, empowering dealers with valuable insights for data-driven decision making in their marketing efforts.

Orbee can recognize Team Velocity’s unique URL paths to tag pages accurately and track a shopper’s journey from the Homepage to a VDP. Page tagging also powers Orbee’s audience segmentation that groups shoppers by the content they viewed and any native formfills that a shopper completed. Audience Segments can be used to build custom email lists and help in shopper identity resolution. The segmentation and customer analytics can be used to integrate with our advertising and email marketing platforms.

In a collaborative effort, Orbee and Team Velocity have developed custom specials pages and streamlined content upload processes. This collaboration ensures that dealers can easily showcase their exclusive offers and timely updates, providing shoppers with a seamless browsing experience.

Team Velocity Segments

Segment Name Description Click to Call Shoppers clicking on the ""Call"" button to directly contact the dealership. All Forms Shoppers submitting any form on the website, such as contact, service, or test drive request forms. Finance Page Shoppers viewing the finance page for information on loans, leases, and payment calculators. New Vehicle Content Shoppers browsing new vehicle information, including models, specs, and promotions. Service Page Shoppers looking at service offerings, scheduling service, or viewing service specials. All Specials Shoppers viewing special offers across new, used, service, and parts. Used Vehicle Content Shoppers exploring used vehicle listings, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. All SRP Shoppers navigating through the Search Results Page (SRP) for any type of vehicle. All VDP Shoppers viewing the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) for in-depth information on specific vehicles. Test Drive Content Shoppers exploring options and scheduling a test drive for vehicles they are interested in. Showroom Content Shoppers viewing information and details about the vehicles available in the showroom. Trade-in Content Shoppers looking into the value and details of trading in their vehicle towards the purchase of another. Contact Page Shoppers visiting the contact page to get in touch with the dealership through provided contact information. Vehicle Make Shoppers filtering or searching vehicles based on specific makes (brand) e.g. Shoppers that viewed a ""Ford"" vehicle. Vehicle Model Shoppers filtering or searching for vehicles based on specific models e.g. Shoppers that viewed an ""F-150"" vehicle.

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