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TradePending Integration

TradePending brings dealers and consumers together with four cutting-edge products: SNAP, SNAP Offer, Superlatives and the TradePending API.

Key features of Orbee's TradePending integration

Integrates seamlessly with TradePending tool on the dealer's website

Reads and analyzes data-layer of the TradePending tool

Tracks and segments user movement within the TradePending tool

Enhances identity resolution and customer shopper journey insights

TradePending Integration Overview

Orbee's integration with TradePending begins with the installation of the Orbee script on the dealer's website. This script enables Orbee to read the data-layer of the TradePending tool, allowing for seamless integration and data synchronization. By leveraging this integration, Orbee can effectively segment and track user movement on the TradePending tool, providing valuable insights into the customer shopper's journey and enhancing identity resolution.

Through the integration with TradePending, dealerships gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers' behavior and preferences during the digital retail process. By analyzing the data from TradePending, Orbee empowers dealerships to optimize their marketing strategies, personalize the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions. This integration enables dealerships to enhance their digital retail solutions and provide a more seamless and tailored experience for their customers.

In summary, Orbee's TradePending integration seamlessly integrates the TradePending tool into the dealer's website, enabling data tracking and analysis. By leveraging this integration, dealerships can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and improve their digital retail strategies to drive engagement and conversions.

TradePending Segments

Description Marketing-Friendly Description Form Opened (Vehicle Selected) Shoppers open the TradePending form and select a vehicle. Conversion (Report Requested) Shoppers request a report from TradePending, indicating interest in further information.

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