April 26, 2023

From Data to Delight: Website Personalization with CDPs

Atul Patel
Co-Founder and CEO
Gino Cipperoni
Dealer eProcess
Chief Revenue Officer

71% of consumers expect customized interactions from online retailers according to recent McKinsey research.

Are you providing a personalized online car shopping experience? If you’re like most dealers, probably not!  

Join the next DEP webinar to learn how to implement website personalization, how it greatly enhances the customer experience, and how it will boost your bottom line. Attendees of this jam-packed webinar, will learn:

  • The benefits of website customization with CDPs, including increased engagement, customer loyalty, and revenue growth.
  • The latest trends and best practices in website personalization using a customer data platform (CDP).
  • How to leverage the power of customer data to personalize your website content, messaging, and user experience based on each customer's unique preferences and behavior.
  • Real-life success stories from businesses that have implemented advanced website customization capabilities.

Whether you are new to website personalization, or looking to take your personalization efforts to the next level, this webinar is a must-attend presentation for marketers, CX professionals, and business leaders alike. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from this industry expert and discover the power of customization with CDPs. Register now!

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