Advantage Implements Orbee Services to Improve Email Conquest Marketing Quality and ROI for Automotive Marketers

Advantage Dealer Services (ADS) has implemented Orbee’s robust analytics platform to becomes the first email conquest marketing agency in the automotive industry to monitor their conquest campaigns for non-human traffic and other measurable results.  Starting in May of 2017, all of Advantage’s email conquest campaigns will be monitored by Orbee to ensure email conquest campaigns send the highest percentage of real human traffic interested in purchasing or servicing a car to a dealership’s website.

Bot traffic and ad fraud cost digital advertisers $7.2B in 2016 and based on Orbee's bot traffic report, 40% of paid digital advertising in the automotive industry consisted of bot traffic. Orbee has been committed to bring the same enterprise-grade traffic quality monitoring system used by other large segments such as consumer products goods (CPG)and e-commerce commerce.  “We are excited to have Advantage join our movement to bring quality and transparency across all automotive marketing channels, including email conquest campaigns,” stated Daniel Kim, founder and CEO of Orbee.

Following the integration with Orbee, Advantage Dealer Services showed a renewed commitment to quality by Michael Jaber, founder of Advantage, appearing on Brian Pasch’s Automotive Marketing Now, a segment on CBT news network.  During the interview, Pasch and Jaber discussed about past issues with traffic quality in email conquest and how Advantage has been working to ensure traffic quality in their email conquest campaigns.  Jaber stated, “For us, in the conquest email business our concern is quality email traffic.  It’s about bringing real people to your website and our partnership with Orbee will help accomplish that.”

Orbee is also working to release a full-attribution machine learning algorithm that Advantage will utilize to track each individual shopper through their entire experience. This will bring a new level of optimization  to their email conquest campaigns and customized targeting of each individual shopper to drive additional car sales for their dealer customers.

Traffic quality not quantity is one of the most important component in any digital marketing campaign success.  A thorough investigation of quality should be performed by any advertising vendor as traffic quality has been an issue in automotive digital marketing.  Advantage’s decision to focus on quality will help encourage other automotive marketing companies  to do the same and will increase the overall quality of traffic that dealerships receive on their websites.

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