Dealer Inspire Partners with Orbee to Bring Industry-first Bot Detection Technology Integrated in a Dealership Website Platform

Dealer Inspire, in partnership with Orbee, is launching the automotive industry’s first built-in bot detection technology for all websites powered by Dealer Inspire. Starting in Q2 of 2017, current and future Dealer Inspire customers will be able to access Orbee’s bot detection technology right from Dealer Inspire’s dashboard without additional cost to the dealership.

Bot traffic and ad fraud cost digital advertisers $7.2B in 2016 and based on Orbee’s bot traffic report, 40% of paid digital advertising consisted of bot traffic. All dealerships using Dealer Inspire’s website will now have the proper tool to monitor bot traffic for all their paid digital advertising sources, giving dealers power to keep digital vendors accountable.

Dearer Inspire is a certified website, technology, and digital advertising provider to 10 manufacturers and has innovated a full suite of retail tools, including:

Online Shopper, the industry’s first real-time collaboration tool for online car buying

Conversations, an AWA award-winning messaging platform with Apple and Android mobile apps

Fuel, a dynamic digital advertising bidding program synced to dealer inventories in real-time

And their Website Platform, the seamless hub to each of these products that has won the AWA Pinnacle Platform Award three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016) for its innovative retail technology and personalized shopping experience.

With the addition of Orbee’s analytics module, Dealer Inspire’s client base of manufacturers and dealers can take advantage of similar tools used by other large segments such as consumer products goods (CPG) companies and ecommerce to make decisions in their advertising spending online. “We are excited to have Dealer Inspire take the first step in bringing our insightful data to their customers,” stated Daniel Kim, founder and CEO of Orbee.

Dealer Inspire and Orbee are passionate about helping dealership bring quality traffic to their website and understand what metrics really matter in measuring the success of a paid digital advertising campaign. “When you put a powerful set of tools together, dealerships can use our integration to more properly allocate their spending and ultimately sell more cars,” added Joe Churra, CEO of Dealer Inspire. The partnership looks to provide the right tools for dealerships to bring transparency and accountability to digital advertising.

About Dealer Inspire

Dealer Inspire (DI) is the industry’s fastest growing SAAS provider, providing unparalleled technologies to help dealers sell and service more vehicles. Located in Naperville, Illinois, Dealer Inspire employs over 150 team members and shares office space with its sister company, Launch Digital Marketing (LDM), an award-winning digital agency with an additional 150 employees. LDM and DI have been partners since 2013 to provide dealers with end-to-end digital marketing solutions under one roof.

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