Orbee Auto Participates in Master Certification Course During DrivingSales Executive Summit

Orbee Auto (www.orbeeauto.com), a leading marketing cloud company designed exclusively for automotive dealerships, today announced its participation in teaching a Master Certification course at the upcoming DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) taking place virtually from November 2-6.

The Master Certification course, Shopper-based Digital Marketing (SBDM), focuses on training automotive dealership employees to target ready-to-buy online shoppers. Auto dealers will use in-depth data to understand and analyze the types of shoppers who are visiting their virtual showroom, enabling personalization for their engagements and turning them into loyal lifetime customers.

“These Master Certifications provide dealers with a real opportunity to learn from industry experts,” said Bart Wilson, DrivingSales Director of Operations. “Orbee is a leader in marketing strategies. We’re excited to have them share some of their insight and instruct dealers on best practices at DSES.”

Auto dealers who participate in the certification will be able to leave the 90-day course with three key takeaways surrounding shopper-based digital marketing methods:
Drive: Target and drive ready-to-buy online shoppers to your virtual showroom (dealership website).
Analyze: Understand and break down the types of shoppers who are visiting your virtual showroom.
Engage: Personalize your engagement with online shoppers to increase conversion and build relationships.

“I’m excited to lead this digital marketing course for auto dealers attending DSES,” said Daniel Kim, CEO of Orbee Auto. “Oftentimes we see auto dealers treating their online shoppers simply as clicks and visits, but what they need to be focusing on instead is to learn how to actually build relationships online and cultivate these relationships into loyal customers. With my training session, I’m excited to see what key takeaways attendees are able to leave with and apply to their digital marketing.”

Auto dealers can register for Orbee Auto’s Master Certification course and the DrivingSales
Executive Summit by visiting www.orbeeauto.com/drivingsales-masterclass/.

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