Flow Automotive Joins Other Large Auto Groups by Investing in Orbee

IRVINE, CA (October 27, 2022) - Flow Automotive, a third generation 65 year old automotive group based in North Carolina with over 45franchise dealerships, invests in Orbee, a leading provider of data management, marketing analytics, and automation solutions for the automotive industry.

Flow Automotive has a strong discipline for building processes for their digital marketing and data systems.Their development of digital offerings including Drive Flow, Flow Offer to Purchase, Flow Express, FlowGarage, and the Flow App, positions them as one of the most tech-oriented and forward-thinking automotive groups. The time and energy Flow has invested in their digital infrastructure makes their investment into Orbee a great fit for both organizations - one that helps automotive dealerships close more sales through an improved customer experience while also benefiting from increased efficiencies and differentiation brought on by digitization.

“Our organization has experienced over six decades of transformation in our industry, and we are absolutely confident that the future of value creation for our customers will be driven by leveraging data to create differentiated customer experiences, both in the store and online,” stated Eric Flow, President of Management Services at Flow Automotive. “Investing in and leveraging Orbee across all our customer-related systems is an important step in centralizing, expanding, and activating our data assets for the benefit of our customers’ experience and privacy. The biggest threat to dealers isn’t the EV transformation or Autonomous Vehicles. It is the inability of most dealers to utilize data, software, and systems to provide customers with a well-executed differentiated experience that is on par with the retail experiences they commonly have everywhere else in their lives.”

Orbee has built a proprietary marketing cloud that allows dealerships to collect, centralize, and protect data that is generated from all their online and offline channels. By combining data silos, the automotive retail industry can overcome the challenges of understanding the complete shopper lifecycle and tailoring their experiences and interactions to each buyer. Historically, dealerships do not have access to the data being collected about their own shoppers in a single actionable system.

“This investment from an automotive group that is already so technologically advanced in the industry really validates what Orbee has been building over the years,” stated Atul Patel, CEO of Orbee. “The collaboration with Flow Automotive is far beyond just an investment and we plan to learn a lot together to combine Flow’s 65 years of experience with Orbee’s powerful marketing capabilities to serve as an example for the rest of the market.”

About Orbee, Inc.

Orbee provides digital marketing analytics, data, and automation solutions to the automotive industry. Franchise and independent dealers and large dealership groups utilize the Orbee’s platform to measure marketing investments with campaign analytics, understand shopper behaviors with its customer journeys, manage and control their first and third-party data with tag management, reach buyers everywhere with omni-channel marketing, leverage 1:1 engagement with personalized messaging, comply with safeguard data laws with regulatory compliance and enable their tech teams with powerful APIs and SDKs.  The company partners with dealer-centric media agencies, service providers, and OEM programs to expand the reach of its powerful technologies. To learn more about Orbee’s powerful marketing technology, please visit orbee.com and follow Orbee on LinkedIn. Connect with Orbee in person by visiting us at upcoming events.

About Flow Automotive

Founded by the Flow family in1957, Flow Automotive Companies today includes 45 franchises in North Carolina and Virginia. The group defines itself by three principles: A covenant with customers that it is worthy of their trust; a community of people working towards a common vision; and a commitment to work towards the common good in every city in which it does business. It supports non-profits, sports, higher education, arts, and music in those communities. It employs over 1,800 people.It is focused on bringing transformative digital processes into the retail automotive space in order to better serve its customers.



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