Orbee Enhances First-Party Identity Resolution and Omnichannel Marketing with Neustar Integration

IRVINE, CA (January 25, 2023) - Orbee, a leading provider of customer experience middleware for dealerships, has integrated with Neustar, a TransUnion company, to bolster the ability for dealerships to identify their shoppers, match them to their existing databases, uncover omnichannel remarketing opportunities, and better attribute marketing campaigns to sales. This integration offers dealerships, dealership groups, OEMs, and the providers that serve them with a simple yet powerful way to extend the first-party identification system provided by Orbee’s CDP with the power of Neustar’s proven identity solutions.

With Orbee’s existing capabilities, dealerships have industry-leading customer identification, journey analytics, and marketing orchestration. With the integration of Neustar’s offerings, dealerships will have unparalleled abilities to combine important buying signals from anonymous shoppers and existing prospects and customers across all their systems, including CRM, DMS, digital retailing, and more. 

By combining Orbee with Neustar’s omnichannel retargeting and data hygiene and enrichment solutions, dealerships will have a secure and privacy-first way to accelerate first-party data identification and implement marketing campaigns that leverage existing databases to engage with their current loyal customers and future car buyers across all channels.

“We are thrilled to partner with Orbee to help automotive dealerships accelerate their first-party data efforts with our identity solutions,” said Satyan Merchant, senior vice president and auto business leader at TransUnion. “By combining Neustar’s identity data with Orbee’s fully integrated customer data platform and marketing automation, dealerships can transform how they map their customers with their activities, personalize offers based on those actions, and drive more results from their data-driven marketing.”

With the integration between Orbee and Neustar, dealerships will be able to further bridge online and offline behaviors with existing loyal customers or prospects with high likelihood to purchase. For example, if an anonymous shopper to one group site is already a loyal customer of another group dealership, the consumer can receive relevant offers that are personalized and contextual to their existing relationship with the dealership as a whole.

“I’m excited about our partnership with Neustar because it further solidifies the strength of our customer experience offering for auto dealers,” stated Atul Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Orbee. “With this integration, we are mapping a dealership’s existing customer databases to interactions on their digital properties and within every single widget and iframe, so that they can provide their shoppers with the most personalized experience that takes into account the most comprehensive profiles.”

Dealerships who are looking to deploy scalable and powerful identity resolution services can first get started with Orbee and add Neustar’s capabilities seamlessly. Neustar’s data will be available for free when signing up for Orbee’s Marketing Automation Package or higher. 

To get started, please visit: https://www.orbee.com/platform/data-as-a-service 

About Orbee, Inc.

Orbee provides digital marketing analytics, data, and automation solutions to the automotive industry. Franchise and independent dealers and large dealership groups utilize the Orbee’s platform to measure marketing investments with campaign analytics, understand shopper behaviors with its customer journeys, manage and control their first and third-party data with tag management, reach buyers everywhere with omnichannel marketing, leverage 1:1 engagement with personalized messaging, comply with safeguard data laws with regulatory compliance and enable their tech teams with powerful APIs and SDKs.  The company partners with dealer-centric media agencies, service providers, and OEM programs to expand the reach of its powerful technologies. To learn more about Orbee’s powerful marketing technology, please visit orbee.com and follow Orbee on LinkedIn. Connect with Orbee in person by visiting us at upcoming events.

About Neustar

Neustar, Inc., a TransUnion company, is a leader in identity resolution providing the data and technology that enable trusted connections between companies and people at the moments that matter most. Neustar offers industry-leading solutions in marketing, risk and communications that responsibly connect data on people, devices and locations, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions. Learn how your company can benefit from the power of trusted connections. home.neustar

About TransUnion (NYSE: TRU)

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible in the modern economy. We do this by providing an actionable picture of each person so they can be reliably represented in the marketplace. As a result, businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good®. A leading presence in more than 30 countries across five continents, TransUnion provides solutions that help create economic opportunity, great experiences, and personal empowerment for hundreds of millions of people. https://www.transunion.com


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