Orbee Launches Co-Pilot, a Solution for Marketing Agencies to leverage Orbee’s Middleware Technology

IRVINE, CA (April 19, 2023) - Orbee, a leading provider of customer experience middleware for automotive, announces the launch of its latest solution, Co-Pilot, designed to transform the marketing capabilities of automotive marketing agencies.

Orbee Co-Pilot is a robust marketing solution designed to enhance the capabilities of marketing agencies that serve auto dealerships. By integrating Orbee’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), Data Management Platform (DMP), and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), and other powerful middleware software and integrations, Co-Pilot effectively harnesses the full potential of a dealership's first-party data. This data-driven approach enables marketing teams to develop tailored and automated campaigns, resulting in more personalized customer experiences, and improved performance.

“Not only does Co-Pilot provide access to Orbee’s technology, it also serves as a conduit for marketing agencies to help drive the innovation in our industry for their clients without massive financial investments,“ stated Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Orbee. “Their clients will benefit from powerful CX capabilities enabling their strong dealership relationships to flourish and have early access to new capabilities the market desperately needs.”

Marketing agencies will also benefit from a better understanding of customer behaviors on a dealership’s website, their embedded tools, and existing marketing campaigns through the use of Orbee’s CDP. The use of Orbee’s DMP will enable agencies to target ads and personalized messaging to specific segments of customers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Additionally, leveraging Orbee's MAP will allow marketing agencies to automate and optimize multi-channel communication strategies for their dealership clients, streamlining campaign management and maximizing overall engagement.

Overall, Co-Pilot provides a solution for marketing agencies to create a comprehensive view of their clients' shoppers and deliver personalized, targeted messaging that is more likely to resonate with shoppers. This, in turn, can lead to better ROI and increased customer retention rates. Orbee is thrilled to announce that Co-Pilot is making its debut in partnership with three esteemed marketing agencies and their dealership clients: Pasch Group and its subsidiary, PCG Digital; Hippo Media Group; and SilverBack Advertising.  

“The financial benefits to dealers who create a seamless customer experience (CX) are significant, and one of the keys to achieving a differentiated CX is building a robust CDP that can now be offered by an agency utilizing Orbee’s Co-Pilot solution,” stated Brian Pasch, Founder of the Pasch Group. “The co-managed approach allows the often long standing relationship between an agency and their clients to adopt existing customer experience middleware utilizing the technology of Orbee’s full marketing stack.”

“Hippo Media Group is proud to be part of a movement towards data-driven decision-making in the automotive industry, as we believe that businesses and agencies that prioritize data will ultimately succeed in the coming years,” stated Scottie Sigmon, President of Hippo Media Group. "We wholeheartedly recommend Orbee as the preferred data company in the automotive space and encourage dealerships to explore their offerings without hesitation.”

“It's exciting to be collaborating with the Orbee team on some exciting projects around 1st party data, audience segmentation, and more. Our programmatic platform, Data Fusion Marketing, has the potential to ingest data from Orbee  customer data system and tag management, and with the ability to develop custom APIs, we look to have exciting news on our collaboration to share soon,” stated Shane Stender, Managing Partner, SilverBack Advertising. “More collaboration is what is needed to move forward with the best uses of 1st party data in the most secure ways possible for both dealers and customers.“

Co-Pilot is now available for marketing agencies looking to take their campaigns to the next level. For more information about Co-Pilot and how it can transform your marketing efforts, visit www.orbee.com/co-pilot.

About Orbee, Inc.

Orbee provides analytics, data, and automation middleware solutions to the automotive industry. Franchise and independent dealers and large dealership groups utilize Orbee’s platform to measure marketing investments with campaign analytics, understand shopper behaviors with its customer journeys, manage and control their first and third-party data with tag management, reach buyers everywhere with omnichannel marketing, leverage 1:1 engagement with personalized messaging, comply with safeguard data laws with regulatory compliance and enable their tech teams with powerful APIs and SDKs.  The company partners with dealer-centric media agencies, service providers, and OEM programs to expand the reach of its powerful technologies. To learn more about Orbee’s powerful marketing technology, please visit orbee.com and follow Orbee on LinkedIn. Connect with Orbee in person by visiting us at upcoming events.

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