Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

Robust email marketing capabilities available all in one platform

Robust email marketing capabilities available all in one platform

Orbee gives your auto dealership everything you need to create, analyze, and schedule email marketing campaigns all in one platform.

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Email Analytics

Gain actionable insights to make data-driven email marketing decisions with in-depth analytical data using the robust platform.

Email Click Tracking

Connect the email addresses of shoppers who clicked on your emails and track their shopping journeys on your site.

Campaign Management

Create, preview, schedule, and manage all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.


Gain actionable insights to drive more sales

View the aggregate data and understand the performance of each email campaign to make data-driven marketing decisions with email analytics.

Campaign Management

Manage your email campaigns and the emails associated

Preview, schedule, and manage all aspects of your email campaigns through campaign management. When setting up emails, choose from different goal types ranging from engagement, conquest, retargeting and more. Easily set up single send emails with just a simple click of a button.

Email Click Tracking

Understand your shopper's journey on your website

Connect the email address of shoppers who clicked on your emails and track their shopping journeys on your site. Create new click trackers and view attributed data about your shoppers in the email analysis tab of the platform.

How email click tracking works

Your dealership can easily track an online shopper's journey on your site and serve automated email newsletters to get them to come back to your site. Once a shopper lands on a VDP and fills out a form, send them a personalized email and give them a reason to come back.

Subscription Groups

Build segmented email lists to create better results

Generate email lists that categorize your email subscribers based on the segments they meet to create automated personalized email campaigns. By taking a tailored email marketing approach, your dealership can reach your shoppers with the right message at the right time and produce greater results.

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Personalized Automated Emails

The possibilities are endless - choose from different types of automated emails with one goal in mind: to get them to come back to your site so you can close that deal!

Price Alert

Give your shoppers an incentive to come back to your site

Incentivize your shoppers to come back whenever their vehicles have a price drop. Send Price Alert emails to shoppers who have opted to receive additional information on their vehicles of interest. Let them know when the vehicle they have their eye on has a special pricing offer going on.

Return Shopper

Serve tailored emails that your shoppers will appreciate

Recapture your shopper's interest with a list of vehicles they were interested in. Return Shopper emails can be sent to site visitors who express interest in a vehicle while browsing a VDP and fill out a form. Let your shoppers know you care about their interests by tailoring the emails you send them with the information and content they want to see.

Favorited Vehicles

Excite your shoppers with their favorited vehicles

Remind shoppers about the vehicles they favorited while browsing your site. With a simple installation of a favorites plugin on your site, your site visitors can easily favorite their vehicles of interest with the click of a heart button.  Follow-up with your shoppers by sending them a Favorited Vehicles email to remind them to take another look at what they favorited.

Lead Reactivation Report

Reach out to ready-to-buy car shoppers

Prioritize hot leads with a daily email that contains crucial shopper information to help your dealership close deals faster. The Lead Reactivation Report feeds your sales and BDC department with shopper information such as the VDPs they viewed and converted on and their contact information. Take charge and utilize this information to make email marketing decisions and follow-up with in-market shoppers who are ready to buy.

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