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Introducing Integrated at NADA 2024 a Podcast Series Featuring Innovative Companies and Dealerships

February 22, 2024
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The Integrated Podcast Series dives into our latest integration announcements through discussions with company leaders. These episodes cover topics like the use cases for each integration, how they will impact mutual users and improve the customer experience within automotive. This series showcases the power of middleware by connecting software and services from companies both inside and outside automotive.

700 Credit 

James Lawyer

Vice President Of Business Development

James Lawyer, VP of Business Development at 700 Credit, highlights the resurgence of credit and pre-qualification applications, with a focus on improving dealership customer experiences and ensuring compliance standards are met. Additionally, the conversation explores the mutual benefits of 700 Credit's integration for both dealerships and shoppers, offering insights into how these advancements are reshaping automotive finance and shopping experiences. 

Chris Vazquez, Director of Marketing at Orbee, also emphasizes how the integration aids in recapturing lost opportunities from customers who abandoned the credit application process, ultimately helping dealerships recognize and capitalize on existing leads with a gentle nudge towards completion, resulting in significant gains.

Watch the episode with 700 Credit here.

Inmar Intelligence

Sleiman Serhan 

Sr. Manager, Business Line Leader

Sleiman Serhan, Sr. Manager, Business Line Leader of Inmar Intelligence explains Inmar's recent entry into the automotive industry, focusing on activating data to assist dealerships in making informed decisions and increasing customer retention. Their integration with Orbee is a central topic of discussion, with both parties expressing excitement about the potential to revolutionize dealership-customer engagement through efficient advertising spend and tailored solutions. 

Sleiman outlines Inmar's data science process, emphasizing the importance of understanding each dealership's unique needs to drive incremental returns and improve loyalty. The conversation concludes with a focus on the future expectations of the integration, with an emphasis on developing tailored solutions and improving customer retention.

Watch the episode with Inmar Intelligence here.

AET Automotive 

Jeff Gonzales

Founder & CEO 

Featuring Jeff Gonzales, Founder & CEO of AET Automotive, this episode goes over Orbee’s integration with AET Automotive to streamline creative advertising for automotive dealerships. Working in parallel, AET's Creative Studio 3 tools with Orbee's image rendering and automated ad copy capabilities can simplify your OEM-compliant ad creation process and enhance advertising efficiency across multiple digital platforms. Addressing dealerships' pain points of the time-consuming asset creation and editing process, this integration emphasizes the time-saving benefits and with a focus on targeted customer outreach and precise segmentation.

Watch the episode with AET Automotive here.

Hippo Media Group

Scottie Sigmon


This episode features Scottie Sigmon, President of Hippo Media Group, discussing the positive impact Orbee has had on his agency. Scottie emphasizes the trust Hippo Media Group places in Orbee to provide guidance for their marketing campaigns and executions. As one of Orbee's early Co-Pilot adopters, Hippo Media Group leverages the platform to streamline their advertising processes by inputting creatives and automating paid ads directly from Orbee.

Watch the episode with Hippo Media Group here.

Urban Science 

Carl Matter

Director of AdTech Performance

Carl Matter, Director of AdTech Performance at Urban Science, introduced the integration of Orbee with Urban Science, which seamlessly merges customer databases with real-time sales data. This innovative integration empowers dealerships to refine their marketing strategies by precisely targeting active buyers, optimizing marketing endeavors, and scrutinizing customer journeys to drive superior sales outcomes. Atul Patel and Carl Matter underscored the potential advantages of this partnership. Orbee specializes in automotive industry solutions, complemented by Urban Science's global data and consultancy services. Leveraging data from Orbee, dealerships can now strategically allocate their ad spend, minimizing losses and maximizing returns.

Watch the episode with Urban Science here.

Polk Automotive Solutions from S&P Global Mobility

Joseph Kyriakoza

VP & General Manager

Joseph Kyriakoza, VP & General Manager at Polk Automotive Solutions from S&P Global Mobility, shares the enhancement of Orbee's Data Marketplace through the integration of S&P Global Mobility's Polk Automotive Solutions. This integration empowers dealerships with advanced data and insights for their marketing endeavors. By combining forces, Orbee and S&P Global Mobility offer dealerships access to over 900 audience segments, revolutionizing the precision and effectiveness of dealership marketing strategies. With a commitment to delivering updated and accurate data, S&P Global Mobility ensures the reliability of the information provided. Leveraging this comprehensive dataset, Orbee facilitates dealerships in enriching their data and strategically targeting their audiences with personalized marketing campaigns.

Watch the episode with Polk Automotive Solutions from S&P Global Mobility here.


Marat Pashkevich

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Marat Pashkevich, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Anaphora, introduces the integration between Anaphora and Orbee, aiming to transform automotive email marketing. Leveraging Anaphora's OEM-compliant creative designs and Orbee's cutting-edge targeting technology, this integration elevates campaign effectiveness to new heights. Pashkevich underscores Anaphora's adeptness in meeting market demands. Together, Orbee and Anaphora provide unparalleled audience precision and visually captivating email marketing solutions, marking a profound leap forward in the industry.

Watch the episode with Anaphora here.


Brett Hall 

VP of Sales & Marketing

Brett Hall, VP of Sales & Marketing at EMG, talks about the integration between Orbee and EMG to revolutionize automotive retail marketing. The union marries Orbee's formidable data management and customer analytics capabilities with EMG's mastery of Connected TV and Streaming. This strategic alliance aims to enrich understanding of customer engagement and journey, heralding a significant stride forward in automotive marketing through seamless data integration and sophisticated analytics. Hall emphasizes the shared vision he holds for EMG and Orbee, envisioning a wealth of mutually advantageous opportunities for both entities and for dealerships seeking state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions.

Watch the episode with EMG here.


Danny Zaslavsky

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Mike Hopkins

Chief Experience Officer

In this episode, Danny Zaslavsky and Mike Hopkins from VINCUE dives into the integration between Orbee and VINCUE, highlighting its impact on dealership advertising. The integration aims to aid the VINCUE Boost product, elevating its capabilities with expanded reach, precise targeting, and automated ad campaigns. Danny shared that the introduction of Orbee to VINCUE stemmed from a shared client's recommendation, emphasizing its potential to enhance the existing boost engine, attract audiences more effectively, and provide dealerships with superior live attributions. By harnessing Orbee's cutting-edge technology, this integration delivers comprehensive analytics and streamlined ad creation processes, resulting in heightened efficiency and effectiveness within automotive advertising endeavors.

Watch the episode with VINCUE here.

Basis Technologies 

Jim Zabel

Vice President of Client Development

Atul Patel, Founder and CEO at Orbee and Jim Zabel, Vice President of Client Development at Basis Technologies discuss the collaborative integration process between themselves and Basis Technologies. With 45 exchanges seamlessly integrated into their Demand Side Platform (DSP), Basis Technologies ensures extensive coverage for digital advertising. Ensuring relevance and precision in ad placement across various platforms is a key priority for both Orbee and Basis Technologies, the conversation highlights the significant portion of dealership budgets allocated to digital advertising. This strategic approach helps dealerships effectively scale their ads while maintaining accuracy, avoiding the spray and pray approach and maximizing their resources.

Watch the episode with Basis Technologies here.


Alex Schaeffer

General Manager D2C Vehicle Sales

In this episode, Alex Schaeffer, General Manager of D2C Vehicle Sales at RubyCar by Avis Budget Group discusses how Orbee has transformed their analytics approach when it comes to sales. Orbee has been extremely helpful in identifying the right customers and determining the optimal timing for targeting them. By qualifying customers early in the funnel rather than passively collecting data, Orbee has streamlined RubyCar's operations. Additionally, RubyCar aims to experiment with new user flows, such as A/B testing, to ensure efficient customer acquisition in the long run.

Watch the episode with RubyCar here.

Client Command 

Jonathan Lucenay

Founder and CEO

Jonathan Lucenay, Founder and CEO at Client Command, integrates with Orbee to revolutionize dealership marketing strategies. By integrating Client Command's Active Shopper Network® data with Orbee's CDP, dealerships gain access to a wealth of first-party data. In a discussion led by Jonathan and Atul, they delve into the compliant methods for leveraging this integration to minimize churn. This innovative integration aims to elevate audience targeting, enhance personalization, and ultimately elevate the overall customer experience, representing a noteworthy stride forward in data-driven marketing within the automotive sector.

Watch the episode with Client Command here.


Ted Rubin

Executive Chairman

Ted Rubin, CEO at ActivEngage,  talks about the transformative integration with Orbee aimed at revolutionizing automotive retail marketing in this episode. By integrating Orbee's data management system with ActivEngage's messaging solutions, this integration seeks to redefine customer engagement in the automotive industry. Through a pilot program and joint marketing efforts, the initiative focuses on enhancing customer interaction and journey analytics, ultimately setting a new standard for automotive customer engagement through advanced technology and analytics. ActivEngage gains valuable insights into customer signals, encouraging dealers to strategically utilize data for their digital marketing campaigns, thus driving business growth and customer satisfaction.


Watch the episode with ActivEngage here.

Chastang Auto Group 

Ally Pinon

Digital Marketing Director

In this podcast episode, Ally Pinon, the Digital Marketing Director at Chastang Auto Group, discussed how Orbee has been instrumental in collecting first-party data for the group. Orbee serves as a centralized hub for all first-party data, offering comprehensive tools to leverage this data effectively and track performance post-launch. And working in parallel with Google, they now have access to clean first-party data, which has revolutionized their marketing efforts. Using Orbee's robust platform, Ally can effectively segment data to target customers with precision. She shares valuable insights from the dealership's perspective, highlighting how Orbee has significantly supported her role as Digital Marketing Director. 

Watch the episode with Chastang Auto Group here.


Scott Davis


In this episode featuring Scott Davis, President of Volie, Orbee has integrated with Volie to elevate the automotive retail experience, seamlessly integrating comprehensive shopper data into dealership interactions. Volie, known for its robust BDC software and lead management capabilities, offers invaluable suggestions to streamline follow-ups for leads. Through this integration, the goal is to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by gaining deeper insights into customer behaviors. The integration enables dealerships to tailor communication strategies more effectively, fostering personalized interactions that resonate with customers in the automotive retail sector. Signals from Volie further enhance this synergy, providing essential data points to refine dealership operations and customer interactions.

Watch the episode with Volie here.


Ben Chodor


Featuring Ben Chodor, CEO at CallRevu, this episode introduces the integration between Orbee and CallRevu to elevate customer journey analytics within automotive retail. By integrating CallRevu's advanced call monitoring data into Orbee's platform, this integration aims to equip dealerships with deeper insights into customer interactions. With CallRevu's assistance, dealerships gain insights into call origins, reasons for unanswered calls, timing of unanswered calls, and ad attribution. Each call is instantly transcribed for further analysis, allowing for swift troubleshooting. Additionally, CallRevu provides analysis on caller quality and context, as well as insights into previous transactions, empowering dealerships to refine sales tactics and navigate conversations with customers more effectively, ultimately maximizing lead generation. This enhanced understanding enables dealerships to deploy more targeted and effective marketing strategies while fostering improved customer engagement. 

Watch the episode with CallRevu here.


Brian Epro

Alliance Manager

In this podcast segment, we delve into the strategic integration between Equifax and Orbee, featuring insights from Brian Epro of Equifax. We explore the pivotal role of Equifax Spending Power and Income Data in the automotive sector and discuss the groundbreaking innovations unveiled at NADA. Notably, Equifax's IXI data, now accessible through Orbee, provides comprehensive insights into a household's income, empowering dealerships to understand a prospective vehicle buyer's financial capacity and spending power. By leveraging this data, Orbee can precisely segment and target audiences, ensuring advertisements resonate with customers' financial realities, thus driving increased leads and conversions for dealerships. The discussion encompasses the motivations behind the integration, anticipated user benefits, and practical applications, underscoring how this integration drives technological advancements and enhances services within the automotive market.

Watch the episode with Equifax here.

Wyn Solutions

Venus Toro


In this episode, Venus Toro, CEO of Wyn Solutions, provides insights into her company's mission and operations. Wyn Solutions is committed to revolutionizing productivity by fostering a culture centered on sustainable growth, a vision that resonates with Orbee's goal of simplifying digital marketing. Both companies share a common vision of enhancing accessibility to digital marketing solutions for businesses and dealerships while ensuring long-term sustainability. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Wyn Solutions has optimized its operations, and with Orbee's support, they aim to push boundaries even further in streamlining processes and achieving greater efficiency.

Watch the episode with Wyn Solutions here.

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