What is an iFrame?

April 12, 2023

What is an iFrame?

An iframe, short for "inline frame," is an HTML element used to embed another HTML document or webpage within the current document, allowing content from one website to be displayed within another website.

Iframes are commonly used for embedding videos, maps, social media feeds, advertisements, and other types of external content within a webpage. They are also frequently used for creating responsive designs, where the content of the it can adjust to fit the size of the window in which it is displayed.

What are the pros of using iFrames?
  • Easy content embedding of external content
  • Code reusability across multiple pages
  • Design flexibility for responsive design
  • Cross-domain communication for implementing features like single sign-on
  • Improved security through sandboxing third-party content
What are the cons of using iFrames?
  • Security risks due to potential malicious code in external content
  • Performance issues if the content within the iframe is large or slow to load
  • SEO challenges as search engines may have difficulty indexing content within the iframe
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