Auto Intel Summit 2021

Technology and digitization have continued to change how consumers approach the car buying experience. Along with evolving technological amenities, such as connectivity and greater use of electric/hybrid vehicles, the automotive industry is repeatedly on the edge on innovation. This tech renaissance has also impacted the B2B applications of automotive, including the wholesale remarketing of vehicles and the finance mechanisms behind auto retail. The Auto Intel Summit will examine the innovation and digitization in the retail, finance and remarketing segments of automotive— including regulatory considerations, the role of the investment community, B2B and B2C applications of such tech developments – and more!

Auto Intel Summit 2021 Event Guide

Meet With Orbee at Auto Intel Summit 2021

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Meet With Orbee at Auto Intel Summit 2021

Orbee’s team will be on-site at Auto Intel Summit 2021 participating in speaking sessions and looking to connect with clients, partners, and anyone else interested in talking tech.

Orbee at Auto Intel Summit 2021

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