Digital Marketing Strategies Conference 2022

Experience the newest products and strategies that will help accelerate the change you are looking for. Meet like minded dealers in a relaxed atmosphere away from the long walks, noise and hustle of larger conventions. DMSC has become a “must attend” event for dealers looking to seize the changes coming each year. Enjoy the best intimate educational and networking experience possible in one of the nicest locations you will find.


Latest Updates in Marketing Automation & Measurement

Recent advances is anonymous shopper identification and advanced first-party data strategies are changing the way marketing is deployed and targeting improved. Dealers who are interested in seeing the very best ideas, technology, and results should be in attendance and ready to ask questions of our panelists.

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Dude, You're a Bank | Virtual Workshop

Atul Patel shows dealers exactly where they are susceptible to fines from the FTC and how to prepare for the new GLB Act Safeguards Rule.

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