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CarNow Integration

CarNow is a digital retailing platform revolutionizing the car buying process. With live chat, digital retailing tools, and inventory management, CarNow helps dealerships engage with online shoppers, enhance the customer journey, and drive sales. Its innovative solutions streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction in the digital landscape.

Key features of Orbee's CarNow integration

CarNow Integration Overview

CarNow Segments

Segment Name Description
Chat Widget View Shoppers viewing information through the Chat Widget embedded on the dealership's website.
Chat Widget Open Shoppers opening the Chat Widget to interact with various tools and information.
Chat Widget Form Submit Shoppers submitting a form within the Chat Widget, indicating interest or seeking information.
Chat Widget Click to SMS Shoppers choosing to initiate a text message conversation with the dealership via the SMS option in the widget.
Chat Widget Open Dealer Terms Shoppers accessing the dealer's terms and conditions through the Chat Widget for more information.
Chat Widget Open Language Options Shoppers selecting their preferred language for communication or information within the Chat Widget.
Chat Widget Open Trade Shoppers initiating a trade-in evaluation process within the Chat Widget.
Chat Widget Open Search Shoppers using the search functionality within the Chat Widget to find specific vehicles or information.
Chat Widget Add Attachment Shoppers adding an attachment, such as images or documents, to their communication or inquiry within the Chat Widget.
Chat Widget Open Dealer Hours Shoppers checking the dealership's operating hours through the Chat Widget.
Chat Widget Open Dealer Address Shoppers looking up the dealership's address through the Chat Widget.
Chat Widget Open Shopper Contact Shoppers opening a contact form or contact information section within the Chat Widget to reach out to the dealership.
Chat Widget Select Cancel Button Shoppers selecting the cancel button within the Chat Widget, possibly to close a form or end an action.
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