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CarNow Integration

CarNow is a digital retailing platform revolutionizing the car buying process. With live chat, digital retailing tools, and inventory management, CarNow helps dealerships engage with online shoppers, enhance the customer journey, and drive sales. Its innovative solutions streamline operations and boost customer satisfaction in the digital landscape.

Key features of Orbee's CarNow integration

Seamless script installation within CarNow digital-retailing-tool solution

Event-syncing and DNS record integration for unified data

Custom segmentation of CarNow data for targeted customer segments

Enhanced insights and personalized experiences for optimized digital retailing

CarNow Integration Overview

When it comes to integrating Orbee's capabilities with the CarNow digital-retailing-tool solution, the first step is installing Orbee's script directly within the dealer's website. This script serves as the foundation for Orbee's powerful website analytics, enabling dealers to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions in their marketing efforts. With the script in place, Orbee seamlessly integrates and synchronizes the CarNow data with the dealer's website.

Through event-syncing and DNS record integration, Orbee ensures that the CarNow data is effectively merged with the main website's data. This synchronization creates a unified view of the customer journey, allowing dealers to comprehensively understand shopper behavior and preferences. By integrating the CarNow data, dealers gain access to a wealth of valuable information that can drive targeted marketing strategies and personalized experiences.

Orbee's segmentation capabilities extend to the CarNow data, where custom CarNow segments are created to refine and target specific customer groups. These segments are based on various factors, including browsing behavior, vehicle preferences, and completed interactions on the CarNow platform. By leveraging these custom segments, dealers can deliver tailored marketing campaigns and provide a personalized experience to their customers, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

In summary, Orbee's integration with the CarNow digital-retailing-tool solution empowers dealers to leverage the full potential of their website data. Through seamless installation, event-syncing, DNS record integration, and custom segmentation, dealers can unlock valuable insights, optimize their marketing strategies, and deliver personalized experiences that drive success in the digital retailing landscape.

CarNow Segments

Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with CarNow and Orbee

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