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Elead Integration

Elead is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for automotive dealerships. With its robust features and tools, Elead empowers dealerships to effectively manage their customer interactions, streamline sales processes, and drive revenue growth. From lead generation and tracking to sales performance analytics and follow-up automation, Elead provides a centralized solution for managing and nurturing customer relationships throughout the entire sales lifecycle.

Key features of Orbee's Elead integration

Facilitates seamless CRM integration using Fortellis' API

Generates personalized shopper lists using proprietary algorithms

Provides instant customer updates via Automated Data Feed (ADF) posts

Plans enhanced CRM integration, automated campaigns, and improved data privacy

Elead Integration Overview

Orbee's Elead CRM integration allows dealers to seamlessly integrate their customer relationship management (CRM) data with Orbee's platform using an API connection via Fortellis. This integration enables Orbee to access and analyze a dealer's CRM data to create highly customized advertising campaigns.

By combining this data with proprietary algorithms, Orbee can build custom shopper lists based on customer behaviors. These lists can then be used by dealers to target specific customers using email marketing campaigns.

Orbee can also send updates to Elead using Automated Data Feed (ADF) posts. This allows Orbee to update the dealer when an existing lead has returned to the dealer's website to shop for a vehicle. By using ADF posts, Orbee can provide real-time updates to dealers about customer behavior, allowing them to tailor their sales and marketing efforts accordingly. This integration helps dealers stay informed about their customers' interests and needs, enabling them to provide a better customer experience and ultimately increase sales.

In summary, Orbee's Elead CRM integration provides dealers with the ability to leverage their customer data to create highly customized advertising campaigns that can be automated, allowing dealers to focus on other aspects of their business.

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