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Experian Integration

Experian Automotive is the global power-house in data intelligence and is transforming the way the automotive industry uses vehicle data insights to drive results. Our unique advantage over other providers is our ability to leverage our multitude of data resources, all under one roof. From vehicle history, credit and consumer data to market reporting, in-depth hypertargeting and attribution solutions, to advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

Key features of Orbee's Experian integration

Leverages Experian's garage data to enhance data insights for targeted marketing strategies

Appends known shopper PII with Experian's data to create personalized retargeting lists based on vehicle attributes and ownership status

Customizes messaging and content across ad platforms like email and social media

Future capabilities include expanding into prospecting lists and search campaigns for broader audience reach

Experian Integration Overview

Experian is one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies that provides DMV’s individual-level “garage data” to Orbee, containing information such as vehicle registration, lease end dates, and vehicle purchase dates.

Powered with Orbee’s CDP (data from CRM integrations and shopper metadata collected from our tracking script), we offer a combination of these powerful datasets to our customers that can be used to facilitate complex marketing strategies.

Orbee appends known shopper PII with Experian garage data to create unique low-funnel retargeting lists for customers based on vehicle type, ownership/equity, and off-lease status. We will customize the messaging and content that these customers receive based on their groupings in various ad platforms, from email marketing to social.

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Experian and Orbee

Streamline and optimize marketing with Experian. Utilize Orbee's integrated marketing stack for personalized campaigns, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and more!

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