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SmartPath Integration

Toyota's SmartPath is an innovative online platform designed to simplify the car buying process. It offers a user-friendly interface that guides customers through each step of the purchase journey, from vehicle selection to financing options. With SmartPath, customers can customize their preferences, explore inventory, get transparent pricing, and even complete the purchase process entirely online. This streamlined approach provides a convenient and hassle-free experience, allowing customers to purchase their dream Toyota vehicle with ease.

Key features of Orbee's SmartPath integration

SmartPath Integration Overview

SmartPath Segments

Vehicle Shopping Segments

Segment Name Description
Form Start A shopper begins the online journey by initiating a form, signaling the start of their engagement.
Estimate Your Payment A shopper uses tools to estimate their payment options for a vehicle purchase or lease.
Personalized With Accessories (Open) A shopper views options to personalize a vehicle with accessories, indicating interest in customization.
Personalized With Accessories (Added) A shopper adds accessories to their potential vehicle purchase, personalizing their selection.
Personalized With Accessories (Removed) A shopper removes previously selected accessories from their potential vehicle purchase.
Get A Trade-In Estimate (Start) A shopper starts the process to receive an estimate for their current vehicle's trade-in value.
Get A Trade-In Estimate (Submit) A shopper submits information to receive a trade-in estimate, moving further along in their buying journey.
Protect Your Vehicle (Added) A shopper opts for additional protection services for their vehicle, adding warranties or insurance options.
Protect Your Vehicle (Removed) A shopper decides against previously selected protection services for their vehicle, removing them from their plan.

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