Product Update

ASC Events Now Tracked Within The Orbee Platform Console

Launched on:
February 13, 2024

Orbee introduces the ASC (Automotive Standards Council) Event Listener, a new tool within the Orbee Platform Console designed to track all of the ASC events fired from a dealership’s website into their GA4 account. The ASC Listener Tool can assist users in identifying when events are firing, which vendor is firing the event, and what parameters are being sent with each event.

Verifying ASC Events are Firing

Let’s explore an example use case of wanting to verify that your website vendor is firing the correct ASC Event with the correct parameters when someone views a Vehicle Display Page (VDP).

Step 1: Visit your dealership website (ensure the Orbee Script is installed properly)

Step 2: Open the Orbee Platform Console (found within your browser extensions after it has been installed properly)

Step 3: Navigate to a VDP on your website

Step 4: Review the list of events identified within the ASC Events panel (found under the Tools side menu)

In the image above, the Orbee Platform Console identified an ASC Event fired called “ASC Pageview”. Under the event name are a list of parameters sent to GA4 with the event with the “event_owner” set to “Jazel”. This tells you that Jazel, the website provider, fired this ASC Event.

The ASC Listener simplifies the process of auditing and optimizing website events being fired from a multitude of vendors embedded within a dealership’s website. This enhances the platform's usability by ensuring consistent analytics and enabling effective comparison and analysis, even when changing vendors.

For more information on how to install the Orbee Platform Console and access the ASC Event Listener, check out our previous product update.

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