Product Update

Dynamic Merge Tags for Enhanced Email Personalization

Launched on:
April 22, 2024

We're excited to announce an update to the Orbee Audience Builder: Dynamic Merge Tags. This new feature empowers marketers to create highly personalized email content by utilizing specific data extracted directly from integrated data sources. With Dynamic Merge Tags, you can automatically insert personalized information into your emails, making each communication feel uniquely tailored to the recipient. 

Users can easily browse and select the data fields they want to use as merge tags, such as recipient names or phone numbers. These merge tags are then automatically generated with the correct syntax, ensuring accurate representation within email content.

Understanding Merge Tags in Email Marketing

Before diving deeper into the update, let's clarify what we mean by "merge tags." Merge tags are placeholders in your email content that are replaced with dynamic content when the email is sent out. For example, using a simple merge tag like {{first_name}} in your email template allows you to address each recipient by their first name, pulled from your integrated data sources.

Impact on Email Personalization

The introduction of Dynamic Merge Tags significantly broadens the scope of personalization. Unlike standard merge tags, which typically include only basic details (like name and email address), dynamic merge tags can pull in complex and varied data specific to each user. This means you can tailor every aspect of your email based on user data such as purchase history, browsing behavior, or engagement levels, enhancing relevance and fostering a deeper connection with each recipient. 

By delivering highly personalized messages tailored to individual recipients, users can boost engagement and conversion rates of their email campaigns. Whether nurturing leads or engaging existing customers, personalized communication is key to driving a better customer experience.

Examples of Data Sources and Fields for Merge Tags

To help you visualize how Dynamic Merge Tags can be used, here's an essential insight into the flexibility and power of this feature: Orbee can integrate not just traditional, structured data sources but also unstructured data. This capability means virtually any data source—be it structured databases like CRM systems or unstructured repositories like emails, social media interactions, or even text from customer service chat logs—can be connected and utilized with Orbee. This integration allows for an extensive range of data fields to be employed as merge tags.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems:

Data fields that could be extracted as merge tags:

  • Name of the last sales agent a lead spoke to
  • Make, Model, and Year of the car they submitted a lead form for
  • Latest source the lead came from

Dealership Management System (DMS):

Data fields that could be extracted as merge tags:

  • Last service date
  • Make, Model, and Year of car owned
  • Lease expiration date

Service Appointment Systems:

Data fields that could be extracted as merge tags:

  • Upcoming service date
  • Type of service last performed
  • Service advisor name

Reputation Management System

Data fields that could be extracted as merge tags:

  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Last survey completion
  • Feedback on recent visits

By incorporating these kinds of specific, relevant data points into your emails via Dynamic Merge Tags, you're not just sending another email; you're crafting a personal conversation with each member of your audience.

Leveraging Orbee's Dynamic Merge Tags

To get started with Dynamic Merge Tags, head over to the Audience Builder section in your Orbee dashboard. You'll find intuitive tools to build audiences with your connected data sources and define which data fields you want to use as merge tags. Our support team is also on hand to help you integrate more data sources and make the most out of this powerful feature.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to try out this feature on your next marketing email or advertising campaign.

As always, you can schedule a demo with our sales team to learn more about this feature and Orbee’s middleware in general!

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