Product Update

Increase Credit Applications with Orbee's RouteOne Integration

Launched on:
January 9, 2024

Orbee integrates with RouteOne credit applications to gather behavioral data about how shoppers interact with RouteOne products embedded within a dealership’s website. The data that Orbee collects, informs dealerships about the progress of their shoppers in completing credit application forms and can provide opportunities to retarget shoppers that abandon credit application forms.

Richer Shopper Profiles: The integration offers detailed data on customer interactions, enabling dealerships to understand and segment their audience more effectively.

Behavioral Insights and Segmentation: Orbee can now segment shoppers based on their specific actions within RouteOne products, leading to more tailored marketing strategies.

Targeted Retargeting: Dealerships can re-engage shoppers who have abandoned RouteOne forms through personalized campaigns across multiple channels, including email, on-site messaging, and digital ads. 

Example of RouteOne Events Collected by Orbee

RouteOne events breakdown chart

Unlock the complete capabilities of Orbee's platform by delving into our Platform Overview, revealing an array of features that integrate with RouteOne data, elevating your approach to customer engagement. Keen to experience these functionalities firsthand? Head over to Orbee's Get Started page to schedule a demo, or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for in-depth information.

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