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What's New in July 2023? CDK Elead CRM Integration, Ansira Integration, and More…

Launched on:
July 6, 2023

Elead CRM Integration: Building Email Lists

Users can now build email lists using Elead CRM data directly from Orbee’s platform. Our integration with Elead allows us to pull in records and utilize these records for campaign targeting. These lists can also be updated automatically so the data between Elead CRM records is always up-to-date within Orbee.

Orbee's platform now offers users the ability to build email lists directly from CDK’s Elead CRM data. With this seamless integration between Orbee and Elead, users can effortlessly pull in records from Elead CRM and utilize them for targeted campaign efforts. This integration empowers users to leverage the valuable customer data stored in Elead CRM, enabling precise audience segmentation and tailored email marketing strategies.

One of the key advantages of this integration is the automatic synchronization of data. Orbee ensures that the email lists created from Elead CRM records are always up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual data management. Any changes or updates made within Elead CRM will reflect within Orbee, providing users with real-time access to accurate customer information. By leveraging the combined capabilities of Orbee and Elead CRM, users can streamline their email marketing workflows, enhance campaign targeting, and drive better engagement and conversions.

Learn more about Orbee's integration with Elead by visiting our integration library.

Ansira Website Integration: Enhancing Insights & Engagement

We are introducing a new integration with websites built by Ansira. This integration will enable the capturing of page tags and SRP (Search Results Page) filter events for dealership websites. Orbee will seamlessly integrate with Ansira's web infrastructure, allowing us to collect and analyze valuable data related to page visits and user interactions on Ansira websites. By implementing this integration, dealerships will gain deeper insights into user behavior and engagement, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing their overall web marketing strategies.

Learn more about Orbee's integration with Ansira by visiting our integration library.

Empowering Interactive Websites with Our JavaScript SDK

Our JavaScript SDK now supports a wider variety of trigger types, including 'history change', 'element added to page', and 'element visible on page'. The 'history change' trigger is designed to track alterations in the page URL or navigation events, a feature particularly beneficial for single-page applications. 

In addition, the 'element added to page' trigger initiates when new elements are dynamically integrated into the webpage, making it possible to react promptly to content modifications. The 'element visible on page' trigger, on the other hand, is activated when specific elements appear in the user's viewport, facilitating customized actions based on user scroll and page interaction. These enhancements to the JavaScript SDK provide a more comprehensive tool for managing interactive web experiences.

Learn more about Orbee's Javascript SDK by visiting our Developer Resources.

Enhancing Customer Journey Mapping: Tracking SRP Search Events

The new feature allows you to fire SRP events when a shopper interacts with your website, specifically when they apply filters on a Search Results Page (SRP). These SRP events include interactions such as adjusting the price range, selecting a specific vehicle make or model, applying sort orders, and choosing other various options such as vehicle color, year, mileage, or features.

Each event fired contributes valuable data points that can be analyzed to better understand your shoppers. It enables us to map the customer journey more precisely, observing the behaviors and preferences of users throughout their search process. This understanding opens the door to more effective personalization and improved customer experience.

For example, if a significant number of users consistently select a specific price range and a particular vehicle make, an SRP event would be fired each time this happens, capturing that data. By tracking these SRP events, you can start to build segments of shoppers grouped by how they interact with the SRP.

Contact or your Customer Success Manager to enable these events for your account.

Learn more about Orbee's Tag Manager.

New Filters for Custom Vehicle Sets

You can now create vehicle sets based on MSRP

In response to the request for enhanced filtering and sorting options for creating "custom vehicle sets" in Orbee - Platform, we are implementing additional features to accommodate these requirements. Specifically, we will be adding the following options to the rule group dropdown: 'images' and 'preview unavailable'. These additions will provide users with more flexibility in customizing their vehicle sets based on specific criteria.

Furthermore, we will incorporate the 'Msrp' field into the set order field, allowing users to determine the desired order and prioritization of vehicles based on these parameters. However, please note that the feasibility of utilizing the logic from another table in Orbee - Platform will depend on the compatibility and availability of the necessary data. We will strive to explore and implement the best possible solution to meet these requirements.

Learn more about Vehicle Sets by visiting Orbee's Knowledge base.

Enhanced Email Marketing Analysis 

Users can now see a 'Total' count for email campaigns that are sent multiple times

When reevaluating the Aggregate Data section within Email Marketing Analysis, the presence of a single campaign name without corresponding dates for multiple sends can be misleading. As a result, we have introduced a Total Line to this section to provide a consolidated overview of the data.

The inclusion of the Total Line aims to enhance clarity by presenting a comprehensive summary of the campaign performance across all sends. This update ensures that users have a clear understanding of the cumulative data for the specified campaign, streamlining the analysis process within the Email Marketing Analysis feature.

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