Holistic Data, Lead Prioritization and More with David Kain

November 30, 2023
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David Kain, Founder of Kain Automotive, and Atul Patel, CEO of Orbee, met at NADA 2023 to discuss the focus of Orbee and Kain Automotive's partnership. Orbee is the analytics platform powering the KainMetrics2.0 dashboard used by the NCM 20-groups moderated by David Kain. The KainMetrics2.0 dashboard is unlike any other 20-group digital composite, because Orbee's data pipeline collects data with a more holistic approach to include data sources that are critical for reporting and lead prioritization purposes. Watch the full video to learn more!

Visit to learn more about Orbee's solution for building next generation digital composites for dealership 20-groups.

Visit to learn more about the 20-groups moderated by Kain Automotive

About The "Integrated" Series

Integrated is a behind the scenes look at Orbee's partnerships with other vendors in the automotive industry. Through this series you will about the new features and capabilities that dealerships will have access to with the Orbee platform when other vendor technologies integrate and share data with Orbee.

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