Leveraging Economic Insights for Personalized Marketing Campaigns

February 24, 2023

Patrick Anderson, Founder of Anderson Economic Group, and Atul Patel, CEO of Orbee, discuss how our partnership can bring a new level of predictive analytics to the automotive industry. Orbee's platform will make it easy for individual dealers to leverage local market insights to identify demand and  establish a marketing strategy relevant to the shoppers in their market.

Watch the full video to learn more!

Learn more about the Orbee and Anderson Economic Group integration: https://www.orbee.com/press-release/orbee-to-integrate-anderson-economic-groups-local-market-insights-and-next-gen-predictive-modeling

Learn more about Patrick Anderson and Anderson Economic Group: https://www.andersoneconomicgroup.com/

About The "Integrated" Series

Integrated is a behind the scenes look at Orbee's partnerships with other vendors in the automotive industry. Through this series you will about the new features and capabilities that dealerships will have access to with the Orbee platform when other vendor technologies integrate and share data with Orbee.

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Atul Patel
Co-Founder and CEO
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