You can accomplish so much as a team when every member knows they can have an impact.

Our team at Orbee is driven by service, curiosity, and innovation. We are converging experience from digital marketing and automotive so that we can create the most powerful solutions for the industry.

Atul Patel
Co-Founder and CEO

Atul Patel, Orbee's Co-Founder and CEO, brings 20 years of marketing technology expertise from founding and scaling martech companies. He holds patents in marketing data compliance, which became the core technology for Jornaya (LeadiD), a company he co-founded and was later acquired by Verisk. Atul also founded, acquired by Sovrn; OptimalSocial, acquired by Brand Networks where he serves on the Management Board; and OneScreen, a digital video tech company. Additionally, he co-founded LeadROI, advised AdGear (now Samsung Ads), and built a video business for NTENT.

With a strong background in startups both in and out of the automotive industry, Atul's experience spans various sectors. Born and raised in Southern California, he attended UCLA and now resides in Houston, TX.

Atul Patel
Co-Founder and CEO

Atul Patel is Orbee’s Co-Founder and CEO bringing to the automotive industry 20 years of tangible marketing technology experience gained in starting and scaling martech companies.

Atul holds several patents in marketing data compliance that have saved large marketers millions against compliance and inefficiencies. These patents became the core technology behind Jornaya (LeadiD), a company that Atul co-founded and which was acquired by Verisk, a data analytics and risk assessment firm which also acquired Infutor and Contact State. Atul also founded, an ad blocking company acquired by Sovrn; OptimalSocial, a social graph analytics and media buying platform acquired by Brand Networks, where he serves on the Management Board. Brand Networks works with large brands like Walmart and is a certified partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He also founded OneScreen, a digital video, CTV and OTT technology company and helped define early video ad standards; co-founded LeadROI, a bleeding-edge lead management system for financial services; advised AdGear, a DSP and SSP that became Samsung Ads; built a digital video practice for NTENT, a search engine and search monetization provider to mobile carriers; and served as founder, advisor, and executive on many startups in and out of the automotive industry. He was born and raised in Southern California and now resides in Houston, TX.

Chris Prijic
Co-Founder and CTO

Chris Prijic is Orbee’s Co-Founder and CTO. He has over a decade of technical experience across multiple engineering disciplines. Chris was instrumental in transitioning the Company from its initial hardware and software platform for used car photos to the powerful digital marketing stack the company has today.

Chris founded the UAV Forge senior project at UCI, where he built a team of over 60 engineers and computer scientists across 5 majors and delivered three different working UAVs over the course of one year, plus securing recurring annual funding to provide the project with materials. He also built control systems for the Heterogeneous Adaptive Maritime Mobile Expeditionary Robots (HAMMER) research project at SPAWAR to build U*Vs that can complete missions successfully through cooperation, including arial, surface, and submersible vehicles.

Chris spends his time building teams that make dynamic, customer-focused technical solutions by pioneering modern technologies in cloud-native and open-source communities. His approach brings modern, data-centric and elastic solutions to the Automotive industry. In his free time, he supports and encourages STEM programs at school districts across Orange County, CA where he resides.

Peter Fong
Chief Commercial Officer

Peter L. Fong is the Chief Commercial Officer of Orbee, a leading provider of customer experience (CX) middleware for the automotive industry. Peter brings more than 26 years of industry experience, having held numerous executive-level sales, marketing, and brand management positions at Ford Motor Company and Chrysler/Chrysler Group LLC in addition to his former position as the senior vice president of Dealership Operations at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA).

Prior to joining Orbee, Peter ran his own consultancy that advises innovative companies in the automotive industry. As a military veteran that served as a Naval Aviator and Leadership & Management Instructor, Fong brings a fresh and disciplined perspective to the automotive industry and has a proven track record of success, experience, and leadership working with automotive dealerships.

Narumi Takagi
VP of Customer Success & Operations

Narumi Takagi is Orbee's VP of Operations. She brings her talent of analyzing, optimizing and strategizing to Orbee. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine and joined Orbee in 2017. She has been refining Orbee’s processes and ensuring that our products are helping our clients meet their business goals. She has served in many roles including account management, reporting, human resource manager, social and search advertising trafficker and now leads the customer and business operations teams.

Narumi is heavily involved in Orbee's customer operations and product development. She is a "Jack of all trades, master of many."  Her experience in customer facing, advertising, support and project management roles have contributed to her unique combination of expertise.  Narumi’s passion for operations stems from the belief that there is “always a better way.” This mantra has been a driving force of her contributions to Orbee.

When she is not working Narumi is a lover of the outdoors! She enjoys traveling, hiking, camping and spending time in nature.

Brian Davis
VP of Sales & Solutions

Brian comes to Orbee with a diverse background in the automotive industry and client management.   He has spent the last 20 years in and out of hundreds of dealerships, taking a few short breaks to gain Sales and Operational Leadership experience in other technical verticals, such as IT and Diagnostic Services.

In Automotive, Brian has been recognized as a true customer advocate with a consultative approach to selling.  He grew up with a stepfather who ran dealerships, which led him to seek experience with well-known organizations, including Hendrick Automotive Group,, CDK Global, and Auto/Mate (subsequently DealerSocket and Solera by acquisition).

To Brian, most dealerships tend to face similar challenges, while remaining unique in their approach to the business.  Due to his experience in marketing, advertising, sales, service and accounting operations, Brian can uniquely understand each dealership's individual challenges and rolls up his sleeves to help solve the problems with the tools at his disposal.

Matt Craven
Director of Application Services

Matt Craven is Orbee’s Director of Application Services. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine in 2016, Matt has been a consistent presence on the Engineering Team, initially contributing to User Interface and Experience before developing Orbee’s Services and Infrastructure that support and enable our multifaceted digital marketing stack. He has served in numerous roles at Orbee, taking this experience and growing into a role managing the Application Services that power Orbee’s products.    Matt is involved with developing product solutions for Orbee and our customers ensuring well-designed, effective technology that harmoniously integrates with our application infrastructure to empower our customers to manage their own digital marketing presence.

Brittany Tran
Director of Customer Operations

Brittany Tran is Orbee’s Director of Customer Operations. She joined the Orbee team in 2018, after graduating from the University of California, Irvine. Over this period, she had exposure in multiple disciplines, ranging from business development and account management to social advertising management and product support. This distinct combination has influenced Brittany’s mentality that customer collaboration is key to the success of creating solutions that will achieve the most ROI for dealerships while prioritizing optimal user experiences for automotive shoppers. 

She now specializes in managing our programmatic ad platforms and website personalizations. One of her primary focuses is to expand the depth of Orbee’s CDP to dealership’s marketing efforts, while balancing functionality and scalability of our products. Brittany serves as a reliable leader and mentor for the Customer Operations team.

Chris Vazquez
Director of Marketing

Chris serves as the Director of Marketing at Orbee, a position he has held for two years. In this role, he is responsible for the company's brand, social media presence, website, marketing campaigns, and event coordination. He leads a team of designers and marketers to execute the vision of the CEO and promote the latest product updates of the company, as well as the successes from Orbee's customer service managers and their clients.

Chris began his career interning at a B2B mobility start-up, and quickly became a co-founder after becoming an integral part to the company's operations, sales and marketing processes. His passion for start-ups, technology, and the automotive industry keeps him highly motivated at Orbee.

When he is not working he loves playing basketball, snowboarding, mountain biking, and playing games with his friends and family.

Gen Fillipow
Director of Consumer Applications

Gen Fillipow is Orbee’s director of Consumer Applications. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a software engineering degree in 2017 he joined an IOT start up under the same founder Atul Patel called Edyza. It was there that he learned and refined his skills as a front end developer. After Edyza, he helped Atul with another start up called Autosled get off their feet by creating their dashboard to manage vehicle transportation. Finally, in the fall of 2021 Gen joined Orbee’s team. At Orbee, his time is spent creating products for consumers on and off the dealer’s site to provide them with a more personalized experience.

Alexandra Davani
Relationship Manager
Alexis Lee
Customer Operations Manager
Aline Malmagro
Accounting Clerk
Anthony Ynami
Campaign Manager
Arthur Gäbel
Software Engineer
Caio Haeffner
Graphic Designer
Daniel Chavarria
Software Engineer
Daniel Gerst
Associate Engineer
Delaney Galvin
Account Executive
Derek Yeh
Reporting Manager
Dárcio Basílio da Silva
Associate Engineer
Eron Cardoso
Associate Engineer
Fabio Faggian
Associate Engineer
Felipe Franceschini
Associate Engineer
Fernando Costa
Associate Engineer
Fernando Costa
Associate Engineer
Hunter Baker
Associate Engineer
Isaac Brieske
Data Analyst
João Zanutto
Associate Engineer
Kyle Proctor
Sales Development Representative
Melina Gutierrez
Software Engineer
Meral Al-Obaydi
Michelle Brescia
Customer Operations Manager
Monyse Narriman
UI/UX Designer
Nikki Nguyen
Software Engineer
Paulo Andrade
Associate Engineer
Pedro Machado
Graphic Designer
Rafael Fiorini
Software Engineer
Renata Conde
Executive Assistant
Ricardo Montes
Software Engineer
Rodrigo Echegorri
Backend Engineer
Safa Zafar
Legal Coordinator
Sean Lee
Senior Graphic Designer
Tiffany Ivory
Senior Account Executive
Victor Bassey
Campaign Manager