Transform Your Marketing Agency with Orbee's Co-Pilot Solution

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Dealership Client's First-Party Data with Orbee's Middleware Technology.

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Challenges Without Co-Pilot

Limited access to first-party data

Inability to effectively target ads and personalized messaging

Manual campaign management that is time-consuming and inefficient

Low ROI and customer retention rates due to ineffective marketing strategies

Solutions with Co-Pilot

Provides customer behavior insights

Enables personalized marketing to segments

Automates and optimizes multi-channel strategies

Delivers targeted marketing for improved ROI and retention

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Improves the understanding of a clients' first-party data, leading to personalized campaigns for better performance, ROI, and customer retention rates.

Leverage unified customer data for actionable insights and informed decision-making.

Integrate the various sources of a dealership’s shopper data for a holistic view of shopper journeys.

Analyze shopper signals as they interact with a dealership’s ads, websites, and third-party widgets.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Enables agencies to analyze and target customer segments with personalized ads, improving marketing effectiveness and ROI. Provide real-time data management and optimization, streamlining campaign management and maximizing engagement.

Target specific customer segments with precision and deliver personalized ads throughout various channels.

Increase conversions of marketing campaigns through data-driven targeting and optimization.

Improve ROI by reaching the right audience with relevant and timely messaging.

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Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Streamlines communication strategies for dealership clients, automates processes for improved efficiency, and maximizes overall engagement by delivering tailored and personalized messaging to customers across multiple channels.

Automate multi-channel communication strategies for efficient campaign management.

Optimize customer engagement across various channels, including email, on-site messaging, and more.

Enhance customer experiences through personalized, timely, and automated campaigns.

Strengthen Your Marketing Toolbox with Co-Pilot

Improve your agency’s marketing performance with Orbee's suite of personalized campaign solutions, consumer insights, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and co-managed middleware. Utilize data-driven strategies to streamline campaign management and engage with customers across all channels.

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Personalized Campaigns

Data-driven approach that enables marketing teams to develop tailored and automated campaigns, resulting in more personalized customer experiences and improved performance.

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Shopper Profiles

Better understanding of customer behaviors on a dealership’s website, their embedded tools, and existing marketing campaigns through the use of Orbee’s CDP.

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Targeted Ads

Use of Orbee’s DMP to target ads and personalized messaging to specific segments of customers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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Multi-channel Optimization

Leverage of Orbee's MAP to automate and optimize multi-channel communication strategies for dealership clients, streamlining campaign management and maximizing overall engagement.

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Co-managed Middleware

Co-managed approach that allows marketing agencies to adopt existing customer experience middleware utilizing the technology of Orbee’s full marketing stack.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“More collaboration is what is needed to move forward with the best uses of 1st party data in the most secure ways possible for both dealers and customers”

Shane Stender

Managing Partner at SilverBack Advertising

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"The financial benefits to dealers who create a seamless customer experience (CX) are significant, and one of the keys to achieving a differentiated CX is building a robust CDP that can now be offered by an agency utilizing Orbee’s Co-Pilot solution.”

Brian Pasch

Founder of the Pasch Group

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“We wholeheartedly recommend Orbee as the preferred data company in the automotive space and encourage dealerships to explore their offerings without hesitation”

Scottie Sigmon

President of Hippo Media Group

Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Co-Pilot

Streamline and optimize client marketing with Co-Pilot. Utilize Orbee's integrated marketing stack for personalized campaigns, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and more to enhance marketing strategies.