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Service Departments

Marketing Technology That Keeps Your Service Bay Busy

Service departments generate profits for dealerships when car sales slow down, so every marketing analytic and automation feature we developed for selling cars applies to marketing for the service department as well.
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Our Approach to Service Marketing

Orbee takes a consultative and analytical approach to generating more fixed ops profits.

Identify and segment service customers

Starting with your existing website traffic, Orbee analyzes a visitor's behavior to determine what they are interested in and where they are in their ownership cycle. 

Events that identify service customers online:

  • Visits your website content related to service
  • Clicks on your service marketing messages or ads
  • Engages with service scheduler
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Identify which website visitors are service customers based on their online activity

Integrate tools and data sources with service customer data

Orbee integrates with CRMs and online tools to collect and utilize as much data about a customer as possible.


Ingest data from leads and previous service customers

Service Scheduler

Capture form event data and retarget abandoners

Chat Widget

Gather data provided by a customer via chat

Retarget customers that abandon your online service scheduler

Identify exactly when customers have abandoned your online service scheduler, and in real time, put your team in control of helping them finish making the appointment via Phone, Email, Chat, Text.

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Receive alerts when your online customers need help

Deploy on-site messaging when customers appear to need help scheduling their service, so your BDC team can step in to convert the lead.

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Identify which website visitors are service customers based on their online activity

Deploy conquest advertising for new service customers

Promote your service center with programmatic advertising and without the cost of expensive agency fees.


Image and video ads


Search, display, video and shopping ads


Image, video, and shopping ads

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