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Inventory Integration provides an integrated platform of Websites, Advertising, Digital Retailing and Managed Services, allows OEMs, dealer groups, retailers and agencies to leverage advanced digital technology, data and insights to deliver the shortest, fastest and most personalized path to customer engagement.

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Key features of Orbee's integration

Accurately tags pages, tracks shopper journeys, and powers audience segmentation

Collaborates with to create custom specials pages and streamline content upload

Integrates dealer's vehicle inventory data seamlessly with Orbee's marketing and analytics tools

Tracks shopper interest and behavior by matching VINs to viewed web pages, enabling targeted engagement

How our integration with works, a trusted website provider, partners with Orbee to install and maintain the powerful Orbee tracking script on dealer websites. This script forms the foundation of our robust website analytics, empowering dealers with valuable insights for data-driven decision making in their marketing efforts.

Orbee can recognize’s unique URL paths to tag pages accurately and track a shopper’s journey from the Homepage to a VDP. Page tagging also powers Orbee’s audience segmentation that groups shoppers by the content they viewed and any native form fills that a shopper completed. Audience Segments can be used to build custom email lists and help in shopper identity resolution. The segmentation and customer analytics can be used to integrate with our advertising and email marketing platforms.

In a collaborative effort, Orbee and have developed custom specials pages and streamlined content upload processes. This collaboration ensures that dealers can easily showcase their exclusive offers and timely updates, providing shoppers with a seamless browsing experience.

How Orbee’s Integration with’s Inventory Feed Works

This integration is achieved through SFTP which allows for the automatic transfer of inventory data to Orbee's platform. Once the inventory data is ingested, Orbee's platform can match VINs to the web pages that shoppers viewed, tracking the vehicles they have shown interest in and how often they return to view them. This data is used to create automated emails and ad hoc marketing campaigns to re-engage shoppers with content they have shown interest in. For example, if a shopper viewed a specific vehicle multiple times but didn't submit a lead form, Orbee can use this data to send targeted emails promoting that vehicle or similar vehicles.

In addition to re-engaging shoppers, Orbee's Inventory Integration also tracks daily price changes and alerts shoppers when a vehicle they have viewed has dropped in price since they last saw it. This feature can help incentivize shoppers to take action on a vehicle they are interested in, leading to increased lead generation and conversions for the dealer.

Overall, Orbee's Inventory Integration is a powerful tool that allows dealers to leverage their inventory data to create more personalized experiences for shoppers and drive more sales. By tracking shopper behavior and providing targeted marketing and pricing information, Orbee can help dealers optimize their inventory strategy and improve their overall performance.

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