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eLEND Integration

Digital credit platform configurable for soft credit pull pre-screen, pre-qualification and traditional hard credit pulls. Full credit report file (Not selective attributes) and live FICO score (Not a score range) included with all pre-approvals and all pre-qualifications from all bureaus.

Key features of Orbee's eLEND integration

Enhances data insights by integrating Orbee's code on eLEND's iFrame

Enables event syncing to merge third-party interaction data with first-party website data

Provides comprehensive platform insights through data merging and analysis

Optimizes shopper engagement with the third-party tool using data-driven strategies

eLEND Integration Overview

eLEND specializes in online and in-store digital credit, identity, and finance solutions designed to deliver qualified finance terms at the front of the sales process.

Orbee’s code, which is installed on eLend’s iFrame (not the dealer site), collects data relating to the shopper’s interaction with the third-party tool. This data enhances the dealer’s first-party data. This is a concept referred to as event syncing.

After a sufficient amount of third-party interaction data is collected (~2 weeks), Orbee will merge data on how those shoppers interacted with the tool and everywhere else on the first-party website. Thereafter, we can begin prototyping the data that will exist in eLEND's platform via iframe or API that they can display use in their existing eLEND dashboard.

The data will then be analyzed and decisions will be made regarding the implementation of strategies designed to increase shopper engagement with the third-party tool such as deploying pop-ups encouraging the shopper to fill out the pre-approval form, creating LRR’s specifically for finance forms, etc.

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