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Google Ads Integration

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that allows businesses to create and manage targeted ads across various Google platforms, including search, display, video, and mobile. With advanced targeting options, real-time data insights, and flexible budgeting, Google Ads helps businesses reach their target audience, drive website traffic, increase brand visibility, and achieve their advertising goals.

Key features of Orbee's Google Ads integration

Drops remarketing segments with Google Ads remarketing tag

Manages ads through Google Ads API integration

Tracks and measures performance with GA/GA4 integration, dropping segments and creating goals

Provides customized Co-Op reporting for insightful cooperative advertising analytics

Google Ads Integration Overview

Orbee's Google Ads Integration is a multi-step process that enables dealerships to integrate their inventory management system with Google Ads and create targeted advertising campaigns to increase their online presence and drive more traffic to their website.

TMS Plugin Integration: Orbee enables a TMS (Transportation Management System) plugin with the standard website tracking script. This allows Orbee to track user behavior and interactions on the dealership's website. It also allows Orbee to set up automated advertising through Google.

Orbee creates remarketing/conversion segments based on user behavior on the dealership's website. These segments are used for custom targeting in Google Ads campaigns. Orbee uses the Google Ads remarketing tag to drop the remarketing segments to allow Google Ads to track users who have interacted with the dealership's website and show them targeted ads across the Google Display Network.

Orbee integrates with the Google Ads API to manage dealership advertising and budgets. This integration allows Orbee to create, modify, and optimize Google Ads campaigns from within the Orbee platform.

Orbee also offers customized Co-Op reporting for participating OEMs. This reporting allows OEMs to track the performance of their dealerships' Google Ads campaigns and ensure compliance with their co-op advertising programs as well as receive reimbursements for eligible content.

In summary, Orbee's Google Ads Integration allows dealerships to create targeted advertising campaigns based on user behavior on their website, manage their Google Ads budget, and track the performance of their campaigns using Google Analytics.

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