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Google Merchant Center Integration

Google Merchant Center is a platform that allows businesses to upload and manage their product inventory on Google. It provides a centralized hub for businesses to showcase their products and make them discoverable across various Google platforms, including Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Ads.

Key features of Orbee's Google Merchant Center integration

Seamlessly integrate with Google Merchant Center

Refresh vehicle feed daily for up-to-date information

Simplify setup process by handling verifications and account linking

Customize vehicle feed for specific inventory sets or entire inventory

Google Merchant Center Integration Overview

Orbee seamlessly integrates with Google Merchant Center to streamline the process of running Vehicle Location Ads (VLAs) for our customers. Google Merchant Center serves as the central hub for the vehicle feed that powers the VLAs. To ensure accurate and up-to-date vehicle information, Orbee refreshes the vehicle feed on a daily basis.

Before VLAs can be activated, certain prerequisites must be met. These include completing the necessary verifications, such as website and phone verifications, and linking the required accounts, namely Google Ads and Google Business Profile. Additionally, Orbee takes care of submitting the application to add the Vehicle Ads program to the customer's Merchant Center account.

To facilitate the integration, Orbee uploads the customer's vehicle feed to Google Merchant Center using a feed URL. This feed contains all the essential headers and fields required for VLAs. The feed can be customized to include a specific inventory set or encompass all vehicles available in the inventory. By leveraging this integration, Orbee empowers customers to efficiently showcase their inventory through VLAs, reaching a wider audience and driving more targeted traffic to their dealership.

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Google Merchant Center and Orbee

Streamline and optimize marketing with Google Merchant Center. Utilize Orbee's integrated marketing stack for personalized campaigns, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and more!

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